Forex Brokers with FREE VPS

Every seasoned trader appreciates the importance of time in trading. To put into perspective, some periods of the day have high volatility, for example, during the New York sessions. At this time, many traders are glued to the screen to take advantage of trading opportunities when they appear.

Imagine if connection or power problems occur. Low performance of terminals could lead to slippage. These problems could mean the difference between failure and success. After doing an excellent analysis, the last thing you want is a losing trade caused by external factors like poor terminal performance. The solution to this problem is using a virtual private server (VPS) to manage your trading connectivity.

What is VPS?

VPS is a technology that enables you to trade nonstop without being affected by electrical or computer problems. Your trading platforms and expert advisors will run for 24 hours at optimal performance and connectivity.

The software divides the physical servers into multiple virtual servers. It uses a cloud-based system to ensure you don’t suffer downtime or lagging in your trading activities. You can access the hosted servers with a mobile device or computer.

How Does It Work?

The servers ensure the VPS constantly runs without depending on your trading computer, power, or internet connection. The registration process is akin to that of conventional trading platforms. Once you set your EA, you can go about your daily business without worrying about missing a trade. Your trading will run smoothly without missing a beat.

Benefits of Forex Brokers with Free VPS

1. Close Routing Road for Faster Execution

Let's imagine, you are located in London and the data centre where your trades are executed is in New York. This is an extremely long route and before your order gets to New York, it can take more than a couple of milliseconds and can easily result in a loss of 1-2 pips. A great advantage of VPS is that it can be located close to the data centre where trades are executed, limiting the route to an absolute minimum. This means you enjoy faster execution, typically less than a millisecond. Therefore, you get quotes almost instantaneously and place orders fast without any delays.

2. Dealing With Latency

Latency is the delay or the time difference between entering a command and the computer's response time. For example, the time between pressing the buy order button and when the computer opens the trade. Remember, the price shoots each second, and the delays in seconds can add up to significant losses. This is why it is imperative that you have a fast, secure, and reliable platform.

Eliminating latency is not just about technicalities and the inconvenience; there is a risk of losing money due to slippage and we all know that slippage cannot be even with low slippage brokers completely avoided.

1. Since VPS allows you to access the virtual network, you can trade remotely.

2. Your trades run even during power outages without constant monitoring.

3. The platform is highly secure, with a backup system to keep the server safe and secure.

VPS fixes:

  • Hardware failures
  • System errors
  • Power and internet outages

VPS hosting can cost you a significant amount. Therefore, choosing a broker who offers a free VPS account that doesn't have conditions that restrict your trading freedom is essential.

Below are leading forex brokers who offer free VPS.

Best Free VPS Brokers

Below is a list of some of the best forex and CFD brokers that provide you with a FREE VPS. Please read what terms and conditions apply to get the FREE VPS.

FP Markets

If you are looking for a broker who offers free VPS to crown an incredible trading experience, FP markets should be a trading platform to consider. This ECN broker features standard accounts where the spreads start from 1.0 pips, or a popular choice of many traders the raw account where spreads start from 0.0 pips and have low commissions (USD $3 per side). There are CFDs on over 60 forex pairs and over 10 000 stocks to take advantage of.

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FP Markets also leads in advanced trading technology, including superior virtual private servers. The VPS is available for free on any device once you meet their conditions. You only need to trade 10 lots on the standard account or 20 lots on the raw account. Once you meet this threshold, you will enjoy low-latency connectivity for uninterrupted trading. Your trading platform will be connected to the FP Markets servers for 24 hours for maximum uptime.

70.25% of retail CFD accounts lose money

Who hasn't heard about It is ranked the most popular broker at the Follow Me awards. The Global forex awards also named the most trusted forex broker in 2021. The trading platform offers over 1000 trading instruments including CFDs on forex, stocks and commodities. You can access the market using over 15 platforms on any device.

And yes! enables rapid trade execution through an XM VPS. It gives you a Windows server with 20 GB hard disk, 1.5 Gb RAM, and 60 MHz dedicated CPU power. The servers are within a 1.5-kilometre radius of their London office. This means you can trade with unparalleled execution speed without worrying about computer failures, internet connection speed, and power cuts which can impede your trading ability. Your EA works nonstop even when you turn off your computer.

To access the free VPS, you only need to maintain a $5000 balance and trade over 5 standard lots. If you don't meet these conditions, you can still access the VPS at a monthly fee of $28.

70.25% of retail CFD accounts lose money


One outstanding feature of Exness is instant automatic withdrawal for some withdrawal methods, even on weekends. With over 280 000 active accounts, the broker has surpassed a trading volume of $2 trillion in April 2022. Exness accounts are commission-free and with tight spreads.

Exness offers VPS hosting to ensure you trade throughout without interruptions. To gain access to the VPS you need to make a minimum of a $500 deposit. Moreover, the free margin should be above $100. The application process is simple. Simply contact the Exness support team and provide your account number and PA secret word. Your VPS request will be processed within 5 days. According to the broker, when using their VPS, pinging a trading server is incredibly fast (0.4 - 1.25ms).

Remember that forex and CFDs available at Exness are leveraged products and can result in the loss of your entire capital. Please ensure you fully understand the risks involved.

The platform gives traders a good opportunity to explore various financial markets including CFDs on forex, stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies and indices.  If you qualify for an Active Trader Program, you earn one on one professional support and earn rebates. For charting, you can use their TradingView system which is integrated with

With a VPS account, you can use Expert Advisors to automate trading on VPS. It also allows you to tailor the EAs according to your specification for flexibility. The EA hosting means you have a dedicated server for maximum uptime and unrestricted access from any operating system. The MT5 is preinstalled on the VPS solution. To qualify for the EA hosting, you need to have $5 000 in your trading account and execute an equivalent of 10 mini lots.

77.0% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

Choose a Free VPS Broker

Every trade wants to have an uninterrupted experience. Power outages, latency, and low connectivity are inconveniencing. This means you can miss trading opportunities or lose money due to slippage. For a smooth operation, you need to have a VPS account. But you shouldn’t pay for trading convenience and, at the same time, battle-losing trades. Go for a forex broker who offers free VPS. Start your search on our list above.

November 27, 2022 AT 14:07 / reply
Why is it that bloggers like you give mislaading information? FREE VPS??? No!!! There are strings attached that you fail to mention. Such as : maintain a minimum account balbnce, such as $5000, and make a minimum number of lots of closed trades per month, such as 10 regular lots. So, that is not actualy free, is it?
December 06, 2022 AT 17:08 / reply
To the free VPS always some terms and conditions apply. These conditions are described in the article under each broker (as the conditions for the FREE VPS differ from broker to broker). I also advise visiting the broker's site and checking the conditions also on their site so you would be sure they haven't changed or we haven't missed something. Cheers!
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