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I am Michael Kuchar, the founder and CEO of TradingBeasts.com and you will find on this page a little bit about me, about this website and why I have created it.

So Michael, who are you?

I am 29 years old and I have been trading forex for a little over 8 years and cryptocurrencies for 5 years. I specialize in intraday trading of G20 currencies and to anticipate potential market moves I utilize a fusion of both fundamental and technical analysis. I also stand behind one of the most popular cryptocurrency prediction systems out there which has been featured on popular cryptocurrency blogs like CoinSpeaker, CoinTelegraph and Investing.com.

Why have you created TradingBeasts?

My aim has always been to simplify trading and the concept of trading for as many people as possible and this website helps me to do just that. Trading has always been the privilege of the upper class, but not any more. We live in the 21st century and trading is more accessible than in the entire history of mankind. This website helps people to understand the basic principles of trading while knowing all the associated risks of trading. You can find here educational articles and news, trading guides & tips, cryptocurrency live prices & predictions, and brokerage company comparisons. I also warn my readers about suspicious projects or scam marketing campaigns which have anything but good intentions.

Why do I think people should trade and invest?

Central banks all over the world pour billions of their currencies into the economy to depreciate the currency value, they say that quantitative easing is necessary to increase the money supply. As a result, inflation rates are at their record highs and according to official numbers, in the EU they hover around 9.6%, with some European countries like the Czech Republic with inflation rates around 17.2%. But here is the deal. While these numbers might seem really high, the percentage rate of real inflation is far more shocking and financial experts like Andrew Craig state that real inflation is double the amount of what central banks say. This means only one thing,

If you’re not making money from investing, you’re getting poorer every day.

Quote author: Andrew Craig; in How to Own the World: A Plain English Guide to Thinking Globally and Investing Wisely


Sad, but unfortunately a very true statement.

Is TradingBeasts your first trading-related project?

No, before TradingBeasts.com was founded, I had created two other trading-oriented websites where I had shared my ideas and knowledge about trading, both websites were in my mother language, Czech. Unfortunately (for my Czech readers) with the rapid and consistent growth of the TradingBeasts community, I decided to work only on this portal that helps me reach out to a much wider audience than I could ever dream of on the Czech market (with a website about trading).

Does this mean you are not based in English-speaking country?

Yes, that's correct, I am based in the Czech Republic and English is my second language so please forgive my typos and language errors, I don't make them on purpose.

When was TradingBeasts.com founded?


Seems like you and me are having fun while making some bucks from trading from 09.04.2016. How the time flies, doesn't it?

What instruments and markets do you favour?

For long-term holding, I love gold, bonds and stocks, my asset allocation is somewhere between Medium and High Risk, as a bigger portion of my portfolio consists of stocks. While the stocks I own are divided geographically as well as by industry sectors, I prefer the Health Care, Financial and Consumer goods sectors. For day trading, I favour G20 currencies, but also super volatile assets like WTI or even Bitcoin.

Where could we see some of your work?

I have written hundreds of articles that were published on websites specialising in the global financial markets, these include FX Empire, BitcoinMagazine, TalkMarkets, DailyForex, 321Gold and Equities.

Do you have interesting news or an educational article you would want to cover and get published on TradingBeasts.com? Do you want to discuss advertising opportunities for an interesting service or blog from which our readers could benefit? Or do you just want to chat with me to get my opinions on anything trading/investing related? Great, I would love to hear from you.

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