Trading Beasts, Learn how to trade forex and binary options

Trading Beasts, Learn how to trade forex and binary options

Welcome at, we are here to teach you, how to trade like real beasts. Learn with us everything about the market and become either next professional binary trader or forex trader. We focus on keeping everything as simple as possible so even total beginners in the trading world would understand everything. Our goal is to provide you with the utmost reliable and trustworthy information that is out there about trading and that we know from our own experience. On this first page, please select whether you want to enter forex trading world or binary options world. Both these types of online trading have their ups and downs, the choice is yours. If anything is unclear to you, we would be delighted to help you, so please write a comment under any article. Now let’s enlighten you with the trading basics of Forex/CFD and Binary Options very quickly.

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Binary Options – The principle of binary options is very easy to understand for anyone. You, as a trader have to only decide, whether the price of an underlying asset will go up, or down. You are not required to speculate how much the price will change. As long as it moves in the direction you chose, you make a full profit. As underlying assets you can, for example, imagine stocks (Apple, Microsoft, Google…), commodities (gold, silver, copper…), currency pairs or indices. In a case of a correct prediction, you will be rewarded with additional 70-91% from your investment, in the opposite case you lose the money you invested into the trade. Keep reading…

Forex/CFD – The principle of this type of trading is a little bit harder to understand, but with our guidance, you will surely figure it out very quickly. In forex/CFD trading, we trade currency pairs, stocks, indices or commodities and in doing so, we use leverage. And what that means? It means that we trade with much bigger capital than we have. For example, you invest 100$ (margin) on currency pair EUR/USD with leverage: 1:50. If you do so, you don’t trade just with the capital you own, but also with the one that broker lends you. In this case, the leverage was 1:50 so you trade with 5 000$. Unlike from binary options, the trader doesn’t know how much he can win or even how much he can lose. From the trade above (100$), he can earn for example 300 $ or even more, but he can also earn way less than that, or he can even lose more money than he invested in this particular trade (in case he didn’t set up stop-loss). Keep reading…

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