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Michael Boutron

Currency Strategist


Hi, I’m Michael and my area of expertise is forex and binary options trading. I specialize in technical analysis, namely in chart pattern setups. I educate traders of all levels and I believe that prerequisite to successful active trading is always knowing risks of the game. My most current interest lies in cryptocurrencies, especially in Ethereum and in decentralized applications. You can reach me at or in the comment section of any article.

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Binary options

Up or Down? You decide! With binary options, it’s all about speculation whether the price will be higher or lower than it is now.


Margin-based trading requires only a small investment to make a good profit. But nothing comes easy and that goes twice for leverage investing.


The World’s Largest Financial Market, Forex, allows speculation on currencies. EUR/USD, GBP/USD, which economy and its currency will overshadow the others? You determine.


High-Risk, High-Reward, that is the case of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital coins have so far the best year, where their prices can yet skyrocket?

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Binary Options

The principle of binary options is very easy to understand. You, as a trader, have to only decide, whether the price of an underlying asset will be higher or lower at a certain time than it is now. You are not required to speculate how much the price will change. As long as it moves in the direction you chose, you make a full profit. As underlying assets you can, for example, imagine stocks (Apple, Microsoft, Google…), commodities (gold, silver, copper…), currency pairs or indices. In case of a correct prediction, you will be rewarded with additional 70-91% from your investment, if an opposite situation occurs, you lose the money you invested in the trade.

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Forex and CFD

With the trading volume worth of 5,3 trillion of dollars, the Forex market has no equal in the world of international finance. Forex and CFDs are margin based instruments. Which means you can trade with a much bigger capital than you have. Unlike from binary options, the trader doesn’t know how much he can win or even how much he can lose. He can earn for example 50 times more than he had invested or even more. But he can also earn way less than that, or he can even lose more money than he had invested (in case he didn’t set up stop-loss).

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You’ve seen those eye-popping 3000% increases in cryptocurrency prices and you want in. You ask yourself every day why you haven’t started investing in Bitcoin a long time ago and you don’t know whether it is too late to try it now. And I have an answer for you „it isn’t. Nevertheless, cryptocurrency trading is no get-rich-quick scheme that would make you thousands of dollars in a day. Find out more about the game-changing market that always changes and never closes.

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TOP 5 Rated Regulated BrokersJan 2018

RankBrokerRegulated As a regulated broker is regarded a company that comply with the requirements of regulatory bodies such as the European CySEC or the British FCAExpert ratings Expert ratings are purely based on experience of our visitors and our team membersMin. depositSpreads from Spreads of the following companies can be as low asSpecial features What special advantages the company has in comparison to a competition
4.8Read review$1001 PIP
  • Competitive spreads
  • Negative balance protection
4.3Read review$1002 PIPs
  • 2 000+ instruments
  • Tight spreads
4.1Read review$101 PIP
  • Very low min. deposit
4.0Read review$2501,9 PIPs
  • Various trading platforms
3.8Read review$1001,2 PIPs
  • Support in 20 languages

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