Kryptos (Crypto Tax Software and Portfolio Tracker)- A Detailed Review

Are you looking to seamlessly manage your Crypto Exchanges, Wallets, DeFi, and NFTs Portfolios while on the move? 

Information on Slashdot, Scamadviser, and Sourceforge revealed that is compatible with numerous platforms, generates tax reports compliant with 30+ jurisdictions, and can easily handle diverse crypto investments. Data shows that the platform supports 3000+ DeFi protocols and 50+ blockchains, allowing users to manage crypto on the go and maximize savings with tailored approaches.

But these features and benefits sound almost too good to be true. Therefore, reviewing the platform to give users a better understanding of its features and benefits became essential. So I engaged Rohan Gulati, the Head of Marketing at Kryptos, and exclusively interviewed the Founder and CEO (SUKESH KUMAR TEDIA).

Excerpts from my Exclusive Interview with Kryptos Founder and CEO

SUKESH KUMAR TEDIA is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of, A platform designed to offer seamless crypto management and tax solutions.

Olayinka Sodiq: Hi, SUKESH. It's great to connect with you! I've been hearing a lot about the Kryptos App and its seamless crypto management and tax solutions. Can you confirm if this claim is valid?

SUKESH: Yes! ​​At Kryptos, simplicity, compliance, and user empowerment are at the heart of everything we do. These principles shine through in our software's design, providing an easy-to-use interface for tracking and reporting. With robust integrations and automatic calculations, managing your crypto transactions has never been easier.

Our dedication to these values has led Krypto to form partnerships with major players like Binance. This strengthens our commitment to promoting legal compliance and encouraging wider adoption of cryptocurrency.

Olayinka Sodiq: Can you tell us about the inspiration behind starting Kryptos? What motivated you to create this platform?

SUKESH: Absolutely! The inspiration behind starting Kryptos stems from my passion for blockchain technology and my drive to see it embraced on a global scale. As an avid tech enthusiast, Chairman and Board Member of the Swedish Blockchain Association, I recognized the complexities and legal intricacies involved in crypto investments. This realization motivated me to create a platform that simplifies legal compliance and empowers investors, making personal finance in the crypto space more accessible and stress-free.

Olayinka Sodiq: Can you discuss the development process of Kryptos? What were some of your challenges, and how did you overcome them?

SUKESH: With over 580 million crypto investors investing in crypto every single day, investors and institutions are paying attention to not only profits but also the taxes associated with crypto. That is why Kryptos steps in as an essential tool, simplifying the complexities of crypto taxes.

  • Tax Regulations Made Easy

Tax laws on cryptocurrencies vary from country to country, often creating confusion for investors, especially those involved in international transactions. Kryptos streamlines this process by providing customized tax calculation and reporting solutions tailored to specific regional tax laws.

  • Diverse Crypto Transactions and Portfolios

The range of crypto transactions, from trading on exchanges to engaging in DeFi protocols and managing NFTs, adds another layer of complexity. Each transaction type carries different tax implications, making it difficult for investors to stay on top of reporting accurately.

By supporting a wide array of DeFi protocols, NFTs, exchanges, and wallets, and automating complex aspects of tax reporting, Kryptos fulfills the need for a comprehensive, user-friendly platform that ensures compliance while maximizing potential tax savings.

  • Real-Time Portfolio Management

Given the volatile nature of the crypto market, investors need to stay informed about their investments in real-time. Kryptos goes beyond tax calculations; it offers a complete platform for portfolio management and instant alerts, keeping users updated and empowered. With its thoughtful design tailored to the crypto landscape, Kryptos caters to the needs of investors, enterprises, and public institutions alike. 

Olayinka Sodiq: What is your vision for the future of Kryptos? How do you envision the platform evolving and expanding in the coming years?

SUKESH: At Kryptos, our vision is straightforward: we're here to create a platform that captures the essence of decentralization in blockchain, making crypto tax compliance simple and hassle-free for everyone around the globe. Our client’s positive feedback, such as "That Kryptos is like a personal tax buddy," helps us plan for a more transparent and resilient future, allowing everyone to enjoy their profits without worrying about calculating taxes.

Our team's plurality is what sets us apart. With expertise in technology, marketing, finance, and law, we all contributed to establishing our company's vision. Our worldwide team members exemplifies the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency, demonstrating that technology has the ability to connect individuals together across borders, facilitating the process of crypto taxes and portfolio management for everyone.

Olayinka Sodiq: Does Kryptos have all the integrations users need to comply with crypto taxes in over 30 jurisdictions?

SUKESH: Indeed! At Kryptos, we provide seamless integrations with over 3000 DeFi protocols and leading exchanges. But that's not all. We've gone above and beyond by creating a specialized dashboard specifically designed for users involved in staking, liquidity mining, and pooling activities. This unique feature allows users to easily keep track of all their investments all in one dashboard.

What's more, users can preview their tax reports at no cost before downloading them. And if assistance is needed, our dedicated Customer Service team is available 24x7 around the clock across 30+ jurisdictions.

Olayinka Sodiq: Can you discuss any upcoming features or developments planned for Kryptos? What can users expect to see in future updates?

SUKESH: Looking forward, Kryptos sees itself leading the way in crypto tax software, with plans to expand globally. By focusing on innovation and forming key partnerships, we aim to grow our services, add more protocols and exchanges, and enhance user experience with our newly updated web interface and mobile application for our ever-expanding audience.

Our aim is to simplify crypto tax reporting, cutting down on errors and saving users time. This means offering advanced portfolio management features and broadening our support for different DeFi protocols, wallets, and exchanges, ensuring our tool stays relevant in the changing crypto landscape.

Moreover, we understand the diverse needs of users worldwide. That's why we're committed to tailoring our solutions to fit the specific tax laws and regulations of different regions. By doing so, we strive to offer a smooth and hassle-free experience for users across the globe.

Our mission isn't just about being the top crypto tax software; it's about driving forward the evolution of the entire crypto economy.

Brief Overview of

The Kryptos app is a simple, reliable, user-centric platform for cryptocurrency reporting, portfolio management, and tax calculations. As a platform redefining crypto finance management through precision and simplicity, Kryptos provides straightforward and easy-to-use tools, a user-friendly interface, and supports over 50 blockchains and 3000+ DeFi protocols.

Features and Functionality

Auto-sync transactions, global tax complaint reports, NFT and DeFi management, and seamless integration with other platforms are features of the Kryptos application. Let's dig into the details:

Auto-sync transactions

Auto-sync your transactions with 100+ exchanges and wallets and handle any transaction errors. Kryptos lets users view their crypto and digital assets portfolio and manage wallets and transactions easily. With their historical price data, you can calculate gains or losses from 22000+ cryptocurrencies.

Tax solutions and compliance reports

The Kryptos platform offers a fast, secure way to manage your clients' crypto assets. As a freelance crypto accountant or an accounting firm, you can quickly provide services to clients with Kryptos.

Calculate Your Crypto Tax

If you're tired of switching between platforms, Kryptos lets users manage transactions easier than ever—all in one place. You can import transactions from multiple accounts or add custom ones, connect apps like Coinbase or Metamask, and get direct API or CSV support for wallet login and exchanges. The platform provides automated tagging for different transactions, such as airdrop and fork, and users can turn losses into tax savings through tax loss harvesting.

Easily calculate taxes and sync your client data automatically.

·         Easy access to clients' portfolios, transactions, and tax reports

·         Manage multiple clients, billing, and payments from one dashboard

·         Chat functionalities, forums, and many more.

Users can validate all errors and warnings, see their total holdings' ROI and growth over time, and preview capital gains, profits, and losses.

Generate Reliable Cryptocurrency Tax Reports

With the Kryptos platform, users can preview their taxes and generate crypto tax reports that comply with local laws in seconds. Visualize your trades in an intuitive dashboard and download tax reports in different formats. Generate crypto tax reports in time using multiple cost-basis calculations and export transactions in various formats or send them to other tax software. Also, you can choose any time zone or currency.

Supports 3000+ integrations

Kryptos has direct integration with multiple exchanges, wallets, and blockchains. Easily import all your clients' transactions using API or CSV.

·         Integrate NFT wallets - ERC721, AtomicAssets, OpenSea, and many more.

·         Supports multiple cost-basis calculations - ACB, HIFO, FIFO, LIFO, Share pool

·         Access DeFi and NFT portfolios

NFT & DeFi Management

The Kryptos NFT module gives you access to the entire NFT dashboard (Inventory, listings, sold, bought, transactions) and NFT reports. You can get a complete overview of your NFT portfolio with the NFT module.

Manage NFT portfolio and taxes

Calculate crypto asset taxes with ease using the Kryptos platform. It offers tax management using a complete NFT module.

·         It supports multiple blockchains, and you'll get all trades and NFTs in one place.

·         It keeps your portfolio up-to-date and auto-syncs your wallet NFTs.

·         Users can quickly calculate taxable NFT capital losses and gains.

Accurate NFT Reports

With Kryptos, enjoy easy tax reporting, NFT Portfolio analytics, and tracking. It's completely reliable and secure.

·         The platform categorizes your NFT income, showing the elements contributing to your losses and profits.

·         Users get detailed reports of their NFT transactions.

·         You can quickly generate accurate tax reports within the confines of your local laws.

Manage DeFi investments

The Kryptos DeFi module provides users access to a DeFi dashboard, allowing them to access their entire portfolio, including transaction history, rewards, and active positions. This module gives you a complete overview of your DeFi portfolio. It makes calculating taxes on different crypto assets seamless.

·         It supports 3000+ Defi protocols across 60+ EVM chains.

·         Whether lending, staking, or LP’ing, Kryptos categorizes all DeFi transactions.

·         It provides instant tax reports and simplifies complex on-chain activities.

User Experience

Kryptos offer users an easy-to-use dashboard and interface.

All in one sleek and clear dashboard

Users can easily manage transactions and wallets and view their crypto portfolio in Kryptos' sleek and clear dashboard. They can calculate losses or gains from 22000+ cryptocurrencies using information from their historical price data. It's easy to handle errors, auto-sync transactions with 100+ wallets and exchanges, and get complete NFT portfolio support for DeFi transactions.

User-Friendly Interface

Kryptos offers a user-friendly interface, enabling users to interact with the features easily when they visit the platform. Its intuitive layout has well-displayed features.

Clear Menus and Options

The menus are clearly labelled and organized logically on the platform. Users can easily find different options using the search function.

Straightforward Navigation

Kryptos provides users with straightforward navigation for calculating taxes, generating reports, and managing portfolios.

Responsive Design

Kryptos' responsive design adapts to various screen sizes and devices. From a tablet to a smartphone or computer, expect a user-friendly experience.

Security and Privacy

Kryptos promotes security and privacy, fostering trust for the platform among users. They can easily share sensitive personal information and financial data.


Kryptos protects user data during transmission and storage by employing encryption protocols. It ensures that sensitive information, such as account credentials and transaction details, is securely encrypted and cannot be accessed by unauthorized parties.

Secure Authentication

Kryptos uses two-factor authentication (2FA), a secure authentication mechanism to prevent unauthorized access to user accounts. Also, it requires users to provide additional verification, including a one-time code sent to mobile devices, as extra security.

Data Protection

The platform safeguards user data against theft, manipulation, and unauthorized access by implementing robust data protection measures like intrusion detection systems, firewalls, and regular security audits.

Privacy Policy

Kryptos has a transparent privacy policy outlining user data collection, usage, and protection. It helps users understand how the platform handles their information.

Advantages of using allows businesses and individuals to manage their cryptocurrency finances efficiently. It ensures security and privacy and offers features that simplify tax reporting, calculations, and portfolio management.

Simplified Cryptocurrency Tax Calculations

Calculating crypto taxes without automation can be time-consuming, but the Kryptos app streamlines the process. It automates tax calculation, enabling users to report crypto transactions and ensure compliance with tax regulations accurately.

Efficient Reporting

Kryptos offers users the tools to generate detailed tax reports, track crypto transactions, and report to the authorities. It minimizes error risks and saves time in tax reporting.

Portfolio Management

Kryptos features for crypto portfolio management let users make informed investment decisions after monitoring performance and tracking their holdings. They can optimize investment strategies to enhance their investment returns.

User-Friendly Interface

Kryptos' user-friendly interface makes accessing and navigating its features seamless for users. It reduces learning for new users and ensures a positive user experience.

Support for Multiple Blockchains and DeFi Protocols

The platform supports 3000+ decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols and over 50 blockchains. For users with diverse portfolios, Kryptos provides comprehensive coverage and allows them to manage their cryptocurrency holdings efficiently on a single platform.

Security and Privacy

Kryptos prioritizes privacy and security, implementing robust data protection measures, secure authentication mechanisms, and encryption protocols to protect user data. Users have peace of mind knowing that their financial information is not in the hands of malicious actors.

Potential drawbacks or limitations

There are a few disadvantages of using the platform and some of them include the following:

Learning Curve

Although Kryptos has a user-friendly interface, new users may still need to learn how to navigate the platform, especially those unfamiliar with portfolio management strategies and crypto tax calculations.

Reliance on Third-Party Integrations

To support decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols and multiple blockchains, Kryptos relies on APIs and third-party services. Unexpected changes or disruptions to these integrations could affect the platform's functionality.

Pricing and Plans

At Kryptos, we have always strived to make cryptocurrency investors as comfortable as possible.And the most significant relief is providing them prices that are extremely beneficial to the investors' purses.

We created four different models, one of which is Freemium, which allows you to generate a tax report for 100 transactions for free. Hobbyist enables up to 300 transactions for $11.98. Starter for up to 1000 transactions is $27.57. And Pro allows you up to 2500 transactions for $35.97 only. Above 2500 transactions, we are obligated to create a personalized package for the investors, ensuring that the ardent investors receive the highest possible benefits.


Our client’s have given very positive Testimonials , such as - 

 “ I have been using Kryptos for a while now, and I can assure you it's the "smoothest DeFi integration" I have ever seen in a Crypto Tax Software. I effortlessly integrated my Binance and ByBit exchanges.” 

“Kryptos goes above and beyond with their customer service. They've been incredibly helpful and patient with all my questions and concerns, making me feel valued and supported every step of the way.”

“Kryptos has transformed how I manage my crypto investments. It's incredibly user-friendly and has helped me gain confidence in my tax reporting.”

“I didn't realize how many transactions I had until I had used Kryptos. It helped with all the calculations related to profits, losses, and transactions. Without it, I would have struggled to organize this information for the HMRC due to the complexity of the transactions. Additionally, Kryptos support team was super helpful whenever I had questions.”

These testimonials help us plan for a more transparent and resilient future, allowing everyone to enjoy their profits without worrying about calculating taxes.


- SUKESH KUMAR TEDLA's leadership drives Kryptos towards simplicity, compliance, and user empowerment in cryptocurrency management.

- Kryptos offers a comprehensive solution, including auto-sync transactions, global tax compliance reports, NFT and DeFi management, and seamless integration with leading exchanges and wallets.

- The platform's user-friendly design and robust security measures ensure a seamless and secure experience for users, fostering trust and confidence in managing their cryptocurrency assets.

- Transparent pricing plans cater to various user needs, supported by positive testimonials highlighting the platform's effectiveness.

- Kryptos remains committed to innovation, aiming to drive forward the evolution of the entire crypto economy while simplifying tax reporting and maximizing user savings.


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