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Here at TradingBeasts, we are open to contributions from experts on various financial markets. We welcome contributions to market trends, news, and personal outlooks & market commentary. Below are some of the requirements needed to become an expert contributor.

Requirements To Become an Expert Contributor at

  • Verifiable Track Record - A proven track record covering financial markets is key for a contributor. This lets us know you have the necessary expertise to contribute authoritatively to this website. Your history as a trader, writer, and expertise in a topic should be easy to verify.
  • Exclusivity - We require that any content contributed to TradingBeasts be exclusive to TradingBeasts and TradingBeasts alone.

What we Offer

With TradingBeasts, you will be contributing to a well-positioned website in the market which could help build up your reputation in the industry. TradingBeasts has been featured on Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, Nasdaq,, Coinspeaker, and Cointelegraph. We also have partnerships with a plethora of established brands.


Each TradingBeasts expert contributor will get their own profile page with their BIO, information about their expertise, their investment profile, and where they have been published before, among other things. This will help highlight their brands as individuals or companies.

Content Guidelines

  • Plagiarism Free - TradingBeasts does not tolerate any plagiarism. Only original content should be submitted through this Expert Contributor program. Each work submitted should be unique and not have appeared anywhere else or copied from another source.
  • Quality - Only well-researched and engaging content is to be submitted. The best articles are always concise, engaging, and contain information from authoritative sources. We also require contributors to thoroughly review their work before submitting it to get rid of spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Length - As we require content to be concise, we recommend that you keep your contributions simple and straight to the point. Nonetheless, we want to see topics covered in detail and depth. As such, the content submitted should not be less than 600 words per article.

Topics We Accept Contributions On

We welcome expert contributions on topics related to different asset categories. These include:

  • Forex.
  • Cryptocurrencies.
  • Stocks.
  • Indices.
  • Commodities.
  • ETFs; and more.

We also welcome contributions on topics concerning blockchain, finance, investing and general economics that may affect the markets. However, we will not accept anything commercial or topics about commercial products. This type of content is accepted only on a paid basis and is published on the site in the PR Post and Guest Contribution section which you can find in the middle of our homepage.


If you believe you are the right fit to become our next expert contributor, please send us your article portfolio along with your CV to: [email protected]. We shall consider your request and if we think you might be the right person for the job we will get back to you. Thank you.

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