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Best Forex Brokers In the UK

The United Kingdom is one of the most active regions in forex trading. In total, there are over 160 forex brokers operating in the UK. Some people might call this an oversaturation in the market. Such a high number of forex brokers confuses and makes the decision-making process for traders a little more challenging. This

Best Forex Brokers in Europe

Choosing the best forex broker to trade with is a difficult task. Many companies in the market fail to deliver on what they promise. It is no different in the EU, which is often regarded as one of the most active regions in the forex space. This review will be looking at the best forex

Lowest Spread Forex Brokers – Comparison

For most forex brokers, the spreads are the primary fees clients must pay when trading. Hence, trading with a client with low spreads is a huge advantage as it helps you save on trading fees. In this article, we are going to look at the forex brokers offering the lowest spreads to traders. We are

Best Forex Brokers in the USA For Beginners

It is no secret that the USA is one of the most active countries in the forex market. The US Dollar is the most heavily traded currency in the world. Additionally, it is the world’s most dominant reserve currency. As expected, many forex traders hail from the US and more are entering the market each

Best ECN Forex Brokers – List

ECN stands for Electronic Communication Network. ECN brokers use Electronic Communication Networks to connect buyers to liquidity providers in the market. Essentially, such brokers match buy orders to sell orders. Hence, ECN brokers eliminate middlemen in the market. This is not the only advantage associated with ECN brokers. Below are the pros and cons of

TradingView Broker List

TradingView is a powerful charting tool used by traders for technical analyses. This tool is suitable for all levels of traders. Technical analysis and charting are always intimidating to novice traders. Luckily, TradingView provides an educational section to help beginners use the tool. This ensures that such traders are as proficient in charting as seasoned

Cryptocurrency Exchanges That Accept PayPal

As the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies grows, it is becoming easier to purchase crypto on exchanges. One of the easiest and safest ways to do this is through PayPal. A lot of people already have PayPal accounts which makes the process easier. Furthermore, PayPal processes payments much faster compared to other alternatives. Bank transfers and

The Biggest Forex Brokers in the World

There are hundreds and hundreds of brokers and you have probably already wondered who is the biggest of them all? In this article, you will get your answer! We have researched the biggest forex brokers on the market by their trading volume and number of clients and listed them below. Please read the full disclaimer

Best Islamic Forex Brokers

While the forex market presents a lot of opportunities, it is important for traders to ensure they are following both religious and national laws. For Muslim traders, there are laws that have been in place for centuries to govern their trading activities. These laws ensure that Muslim individuals do not break Sharia law during financial

Best Forex Brokers for small accounts

Traders have varying financial muscles. Fund managers run large accounts worth millions of dollars. On the other hand, novice traders, often young, are trying to cut a career in forex trading. This means they have a small trading capital. Even if you have massive capital, you wouldn’t want to risk it before your strategy can

Best Crypto Staking Platforms and Sites

When crypto investing is mentioned, the idea that quickly comes to mind is trading digital assets. This means investors buy and sell digital tokens to earn profits. Others buy and hold the digital tokens to sell in the future at a profit. But did you know you can earn rewards and interest by “hodling” crypto?

Forex Brokers with FREE VPS

Every seasoned trader appreciates the importance of time in trading. To put into perspective, some periods of the day have high volatility, for example, during the New York sessions. At this time, many traders are glued to the screen to take advantage of trading opportunities when they appear. Imagine if connection or power problems occur.

Best Zero Spread Forex Brokers

Investors are always looking to save money while trading in the forex market. In some cases, zero-spread accounts can help traders save on trading fees. There are a number of forex brokers in the market that feature zero-spread accounts. In this article, we will be looking at the best zero spread forex brokers. Exness Exness

Best Cent Account Forex Brokers

A Cent account allows clients to trade financial markets using cents. Cent forex accounts are a necessity in the market. Some traders do not have much capital to invest in financial markets and Cent accounts offer clients low entry points and more manageable risks for both new and existing traders. They allow clients to practice

Forex Brokers that accept Mobile Money

This article is dedicated only to African forex traders that are looking for forex brokers who accept the use of mobile money for forex deposits and withdrawals. But first, what is mobile money all about? Mobile money refers to money stored in an account that is operated by telecom companies, in which the user’s mobile

Forex Brokers in Kenya with M-Pesa

Forex brokers that accept M-Pesa offer the opportunity to deposit and withdraw funds from a forex account using the M-Pesa payment channel. The M-Pesa payment channel is particularly popular in Kenya and Tanzania, but its popularity is also increasing throughout Afghanistan, Mozambique and India. M-Pesa is coined from a Swahili term: “m” stands for “mobile”

Best Brokers For Large Accounts

The trading market has levels. There are beginners and seasoned investors. We could also classify the traders according to the account size they manage. Some investors manage small accounts, while others run accounts worth thousands of dollars. The latter are usually fund managers and big whale investors. The forex market is the biggest in the

Best Micro Forex Account Brokers

Trading financial markets can be a daunting endeavour. Most accounts on forex broker sites require investors to trade using high amounts of money. Luckily, some forex brokers allow clients to trade on micro accounts which support micro lots. These accounts allow people to trade real market assets without risking a lot of money. Hence, they

Best Forex Brokers in South Africa of 2023

Popular FSCA Regulated Brokers in South Africa   Here’s a breakdown of some of the best and most popular forex and CFD brokers in South Africa that are regulated by the FSCA. Go to broker Trading Forex and CFDs entail risk and could result in the loss of your capital. Exness List of available forex

Best Demo Stock Trading Account

A demo account for trading stocks works like a trading simulator on which you can practice stock trading without risking your own money. Despite the fact, that you can open a demo account for stock trading basically with any broker that features stocks on its platform, it is advised to pick a company with which

No Slippage Brokers – Are there any?

Slippage in forex is when an order is filled at a different price rate from the requested price. It is therefore the difference between the requested price and the price during execution. Typically, slippage happens due to market volatility or when trading in the off-peak hours of a currency pair. Slippage is a part of

Best Volatility 75 (vix75) Index Brokers

None of the brokers listed below supports trading the Volatility 75 index in the US Brokers that offer their users the opportunity to trade volatility indexes such as the VIX 75 offer a way for investors to take advantage of the profit potential that arises with the fluctuation in the market. By measuring the fear

Forex PAMM Accounts – Best Brokers That Offer It

PAMM stands for Percentage Allocation Money Management. These are accounts that allow investors to assign their investment to an account manager to trade for profit. Usually, the account managers have more trading experience and better trading strategies. The PAMM forex accounts are best suited for beginners or people with no time to trade but who

Which Broker Provides Trailing Stop Loss

In trading, we can’t emphasize the importance of risk management enough. Every savvy trader understands why they must define their risk and reward well before hitting the open order button. Risk means the amount of money they are willing to lose when the trade does not go according to plan. This can be expressed as

Highest Leverage Forex Brokers 2023

If you are a trader who is looking for the Highest Leverage Forex Brokers, you came to the right place. Before we provide you with a list of such brokers, it is important for your own safety and the safety of your funds to understand a couple of things. First of all, most brokers that

Forex Brokers That Accept Crypto Deposits

Crypto payments are becoming more and more popular, especially among online traders. There are a couple of reasons why online traders prefer this payment option to make their deposits. While there are many advantages to crypto transactions, there are also some disadvantages that cannot be overlooked. Below are some advantages and disadvantages of crypto transfers

10 Best Forex Brokers with Instant Withdrawals

One of the most considered features when choosing the best forex brokers is the instant withdrawal feature. If you want quick cash access to your profits and want to use the money in your account, you should choose a Forex broker that offers fast withdrawals. The broker should be regulated and reliable for withdrawals to

Brokers with Zero Fees on Deposits and Withdrawals

There are dozens of brokers that allow us to trade in the Forex market. All of them are in competition with each other and they all place more importance on user experience every day. Offering low transaction fees, tight spreads, advanced analysis tools and more, brokers stay one step ahead of their competitors. We often

No Dealing Desk Brokers (NDD) List

Today, we are going to look at some of the best No Dealing Desk brokers. But first, we must understand what no dealing desk brokers mean. Dealing desk brokers usually take the opposite side of a client’s order to complete a trade. In contrast, non dealing desk brokers connect client orders directly to the interbank

Forex Brokers That Trade Cryptocurrency On Weekends

There are many forex/CFD brokers in the market that support crypto trading. However, not all brokers allow investors to trade on weekends. In this article, we will be looking at the best brokers that trade crypto on weekends. eToro eToro is one of the biggest forex and CFD brokers in the world today. The company

Best Forex Trading Apps in the UK

Today, almost every forex broker has a mobile trading app to accommodate clients of all types. Recently, there is a large number of mobile users entering the markets and placing their orders on their phones. It is more essential than ever for a forex broker to provide a customary mobile application for both Android and

ZuluTrade Supported Brokers

ZuluTrade is a social wealth management platform that was launched in Greece in 2007 and works as a supplier of social and copy trading services. It is currently used by over 70 prominent European and global brokers. ZuluTrade is governed by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission (HCMC) in Greece, and in Japan by General Japan

Forex Brokers with Best Positive Swap Rates

Forex Swap is one of the costs associated with Forex trading. In Forex, a swap is simply the interest you will be charged for leaving a trade open overnight in the Forex market. It is completely different from other trading costs like spreads and commissions. Swap can be positive or negative. This means for some

Forex Brokers With Instant Deposits

Time is a very crucial determinant of the overall trading experience of investors. Today, we have trading platforms that execute orders in microseconds. This is pivotal as it ensures that traders do not miss out on potential profits due to slow executions. Another thing that can save traders some time in the market is instant

Best Unlimited Leverage Forex Brokers

Most traders are attracted to the financial markets because of the ability to trade Forex and other CFDs using the power of leverage. In forex, leverage is simply the extent to which you are allowed to open large trading positions with a small capital called a margin. Leverage makes trading very lucrative, but at the

Tier one Trading Platforms and Brokers

Trading financial markets come with a lot of challenges. Choosing a broker to invest in significantly affects the trading experience of a trader. Many companies claim to offer the best trading conditions to clients. While there are many legitimate brokers in the world, not all of them provide the best trading conditions. This review will

NinjaTrader Supported Brokers – List

NinjaTrader, which was founded in 2003, provides software and brokerage services to active traders. The NinjaTrader platform is ideal for active traders who require a wide range of technical analysis tools. The platform features superior charting, real-time analysis, customizable technical indicators, Chart Trader (a chart-based order entry tool), and thousands of third-party apps and add-ons.

Best Synthetic Indices Brokers

Offer not for US customers Unique indices called synthetic indices imitate actual market activity, but they have a catch: real-world events have no bearing on them. These indices are free of market and liquidity hazards, have constant volatility, and are based on a cryptographically safe random number generator. They are different types of synthetic indices

Forex Brokers With Dollar Index

Offer not for US customers The Dollar Index is the value of the US Dollar against a basket of foreign currencies. The Dollar Index is currently calculated by considering the exchange rates of six major foreign currencies which include the Euro, the Canadian Dollar, the Japanese Yen, the Great British Pound, the Swedish Krona, and

Low Commission Forex Brokers

No trader in the world wants to pay exorbitant fees when trading. While the spread is the primary cost of trading on the markets, some brokers also charge commissions. Furthermore, some forex brokers provide commission accounts for traders who want to trade with ultra-low spreads. Today, we will be looking at the best low-commission forex

Fastest Execution Forex Brokers

Financial markets move at a very fast pace. As such, traders need to move at a similar speed to match the market’s speed. A fast trading platform can be the difference between winning a trade and missing out on potential profits. As such, it is essential to trade with a forex broker providing a trading

Forex Brokers With $1 Minimum Deposit

Not many investors have large sums of money to invest in the forex market. Additionally, it would be challenging to test out new trading strategies with large sums of money. This is where brokers that require low minimum deposits come in. Brokers with a minimum deposit of $1 are best suited for these purposes. Even

Best Low Leverage Forex Brokers

Leverage is one of the key features of forex trading. It allows traders to control larger positions than they would if they funded these positions using only their funds. This can increase the profits that traders see in the market. However, leverage can be a double-edged sword. Overleveraging can lead to a trader losing their

Non-Expiring MT4 Demo Account

Demo accounts are a crucial part of forex trading. They allow traders to test out a broker before making an investment. Additionally, they allow traders to try out new trading strategies without putting their money on the line. Non-expiring demo accounts are even better. Traders always have access to these accounts, which means they can

Best ECN Brokers for News Trading

Financial markets are greatly affected by the news. Even weather news can cause a significant shift in market prices. In recent times, we have seen the news about a war and a pandemic greatly affect economies and as such economies. This in turn affects the strength of some countries’ currencies causing a shift in the

Trading Central Supported Brokers – List

Trading Central has been providing software solutions to traders since 1999. Today, the company’s analytical solutions are some of the trusted platforms in the industry. In essence, the company helps traders find and validate new trade opportunities, time their trades, learn about financial markets and manage their risk. Trading Central also empowers brokers to create

Forex Brokers Which Allow Arbitrage Trading

Arbitrage is an investment strategy in which an investor buys and sells an asset in different markets at the same time in order to profit from a price difference. While price differences are typically small and transient, the returns can be substantial when multiplied by a large volume. Hedge funds and other sophisticated investors frequently

Best Weekend Trading Brokers

For serious traders, the weekend is not the time to take a break. They simply see it as more time and opportunity to make money. While many traders might be interested in trading over the weekend, some brokers simply do not support weekend trading. Such brokers may prevent traders from placing some potentially profitable orders. Supported Brokers – List

Founded in 2015, is a trading tool that allows investors to automate their trading based on their trading strategies. This tool empowers traders with easy, intuitive, and code-free automation. Notably, the tool is text-based, making it easy to create, test, and automate trading scenarios. As such, it removes technical barriers and opens up new

Best Swiss Forex Brokers

Forex trading comes with a lot of risks and a large percentage of traders lose money. Trading with a top-notch broker could be the difference between earning profits or taking losses. The best brokers always put their clients in a position to succeed in trading. They do this by providing a fair trading environment with

Forex Brokers Without Leverage – Are There Any?

Leverage is a crucial part of trading financial markets online. In a nutshell, leverage is borrowing a certain amount of money to finance an order fully. In trading, the money is usually borrowed from a broker. When using leverage, the broker provides traders with the extra money they need to finance their position. On the

Best No Requotes Forex Brokers

Requotes frequently occur in the forex and CFD markets, where there is typically a high level of exposure to rate fluctuations. When a broker requotes you, it means that they are unable or unwilling to execute a trade for you at the price you entered. In essence, when a securities broker cannot complete a transaction

Best TradingView Stock Brokers

TradingView is one of the most popular global market charting and trading platforms. It is an innovative venture founded by a group of developers and traders with experience developing trading software who share the vision that trading technology should be simple, powerful, and accessible to all. Using the most recent advances in cloud computing and

Best ECN Brokers with Low Minimum Deposit

Forex brokers with no or low minimum deposits are ideal for beginning traders. They are also ideal for clients who do not have a large capital to invest. Brokers can attract such clients and potentially retain them as long-term customers by offering a low minimum deposit. They encourage investors to trade in smaller increments, which

List of ECN Brokers With MT4

An ECN broker is a type of financial intermediary that provides clients with direct access to other participants in the equity and currency markets via electronic communications networks (ECNs). An ECN is a computerized system that automatically matches buy and sell orders for securities in the market. When investors from different geographic areas want to

Best Execution Only Brokers in the UK

Execution-only brokers only deal with the execution and reporting of orders placed by clients. Such brokers do not offer any financial advice to their clients or financial planning. Therefore, these types of brokers enable clients to have full financial control as they only deal with the final product of what the client decides. These sorts

A Book Forex Brokers – List

In Forex, A Book forex brokers pass investors’ orders straight through to liquidity providers. Their only job in the market is to match buy orders with sell orders. Such brokers do not need to provide the liquidity themselves, they merely act as middlemen between traders and liquidity providers. There are different models A Book brokers

Best Forex Brokers According to Reddit Users

Reddit is one of the best sites for discussing common interests and interactions with anonymous strangers from all over the world. Reddit offers a huge platform with 52 million active daily users all expressing their thoughts on one subject or the other. As such, it is a great resource to curate people’s opinions from various