Bitcoin Loophole Review – a Scam or a Legit system

Bitcoin Loophole is a new system that promises to make you over 13 000$ in 24 hours. Is it even possible or is it just another scam that wants to profit from the popularity of Bitcoin?


Bitcoin Loophole is created by well-known figure Steve Mckay that is associated with the Bitcoin code scam that we have already exposed on our website. Bitcoin Loophole is a very similar system that also makes unbelievable promises to clients that most definitely can not deliver. Why we consider this software to be a scam can be found in the following review.

How Did I find out Bitcoin Loophole?

I have found out about this system thanks to an email that was sent to me by Semyon who is an affiliate manager of Trafficlords company. In this email he offers me 400$ for every customer I bring to Bitcoin Loophole system. Even though this offer sounds incredibly good, I could have never taken it and peacefully sleep at night. I am posting this email here, just so you could understand what type of scammers they are when they can offer me such a sum. And unfortunately, there will be people who will recommend this system, just for the money.

Have we seen you on TV, Steve Mckay? Hardly!

Steve Mckay, the fictional figure of this scam, states that we have seen him on television or in the pages of Forbes or Business Insider. But this is a horrible lie and you can be certain about it even just from the following picture. Have a closer look at the Forbes cover and you will be able to recognise it is a fake. The head of Steve Mckay and the text around is added therein Photoshop or in other graphics software. And the left picture is simply just a random shot from TV that does not even feature Steve Mckay.

How much can I earn with Bitcoin Loophole?

Nothing, because the system is a scam. But you are promised to double your initial investment 250 $ in a matter of one hour. From the testimonials, in the video, you can see that people write that they made 400 000$ in one month. The creator of the system, Steve Mckay says that he became a millionaire in only 90 days, even tho it was not his intention to become this rich. I find very hard to believe that people actually believe such promises when they look so ridiculous. It is true that the price of Bitcoin hast most likely increased even as we speak, but it could never bring you such an enormous profit that Bitcoin Loophole guarantees.

What Bitcoin Loophole system promises?

  • To make over 500$ an hour for the rest of your life, over 13 000$ in 24 hours and millions in a few months
  • System that is making people millionaires for free
  • Exotic vocations, a large house and a dream car

What Bitcoin Loophole delivers?

Losing your capital

Is Bitcoin Loophole a scam?

Yes, we consider Bitcoin Loophole to be a scam. The cheap story about Steve Mckay being an ordinary software programmer is good only as a bedtime story. In the video, it is said that the system will be sent only to 25 lucky individuals, which is of course not true. They actually, created such an extensive marketing campaign that it has reached even to people who have never heard about Bitcoin, let alone Bitcoin Loophole. Do not expect this software to bring you any profit because it will fail, a big time. If you want to learn how to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, feel free to follow guides provided on the web. We don't promise unreal results nor any magic formula, but what we promise are honest articles, reviews and scam alerts, just like this one.

Average rating of Bitcoin Loophole


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November 10, 2017 AT 08:50 / reply
Hi My name is Selda. I've been trying to decide whether or not to invest in the whole cryptocurrency trading systems that are online but most seem like scams and too good to be true etc.. I've read some of your reviews and I wondered if you could advise me on which site is legit and who you recommend I should start to trade with I'm new to all of this so I need someone to point me in the right direction I'm a new mom too so I don't have a great deal of money to waste. Your expertise would really be a huge help to me. If you're not too busy and can find some time, I would really love to hear from you soon.. Many thanks Selda M.
November 10, 2017 AT 09:16 / reply
Hello Selda, As the prices of cryptocurrencies skyrocket a lot of people currently think whether to invest in cryptocurrencies or not. That is also why so many scams related to Bitcoin appear. I try to warn you about them on the blog, but there are just too many of them. I trade with Plus500, they are on the market since 2008, they are regulated by CySEC and most importantly they very good conditions for trading cryptocurrencies. The minimum deposit there is just 100 dollars, so that should be no problem. If you need to assist furthermore, don't hesitate to ask. With regards Michael
Bob Wileman
December 13, 2017 AT 14:06 / reply
Michael, Many thanks for this comment. I could not see how Bitcoin Loophole could be anything other than a scam, but I needed confirmation. Also thanks for the recommendation to use as a broker. I have tried to register with others but all blocked at the moment.
December 13, 2017 AT 14:14 / reply
Hello Bob, You are welcome, what do you mean by "have tried to register with others but all blocked at the moment."? Please clarify your sayings :)
Greg Pearsall
December 21, 2017 AT 00:21 / reply
Hi Michael. I'm in the same boat as Selda in the comments above, considering whether to invest in Bitcoin or not. Now with your comments below I will be looking at, Cheers mate and have a Merry Xmass..
F Spencer
December 24, 2017 AT 11:19 / reply
I cannot recommend these guys I tested the water and invested $250 with them... then heard nothing from them this looks likes its a total scam, The company has a good marketing system in getting your money then you'll hear nothing from... I can't even log in to the system so all looks a bit fake... customer services emails bounce back... There are legit companies out there that are real and have the correct intentions of customers In conclusion, don't use them Best Regards Fitz Spencer (Plymouth-UK)
Jack Mokoena
December 28, 2017 AT 20:52 / reply
I was about to open an account with Bitcoin loophole but then the so called account manager kept on calling now and then and i started to suspect that they are a scam especially that i am from South Africa and they are in London but using a South African number. Bitcoin loophole is a scam
December 28, 2017 AT 21:07 / reply
Hello Jack, Thank you for sharing your experience
January 02, 2018 AT 18:43 / reply
hello Michael what do u think which is the best website or company to invest in auto-trading mode?
January 02, 2018 AT 18:54 / reply
Hello dabesst, From my experience, almost all auto-trading robots are less or more scams no matter what they tell you. Rather learn how to trade on your own :)
January 25, 2018 AT 22:44 / reply
Hello Michael, Please excuse me for this mail, I saw your comments on the Bitcoin Loophole review. I am Stefaan Browaeys, living in Belgium with my wife and our 3 children. My son Pieter told me last month about bitcoins and he advised me to buy some coins for 500 euro. I admit knowing very little about this matter, but I saw a program about Bitcoins on Youtube, made by a team of specialists of the Oxford university.This caught my attention so now I understand a little bit more about cryptocurrencies. Is it possible to give me some advice about a good investment in the cryptocurrencies.I am not dreaming about fortunes, but just about a nice extra income. My wife has a burn out for 2 years now, and we can use a little bit extra money because 2 children are at high school. (Pieter is one of them). The problem is that I do not know anything about trading (only some very basic principles) and I need advice of an expert who can guide me. So can you advise me a system, a program, a way of working… how should I start? I can spend 0.5 to 1 h. daily on the matter. Maybe more if it works. I understand that you have to make a living too. So I am ready to pay for every good advice. With kind regards, Stefaan Belgium. Europe.
January 25, 2018 AT 23:00 / reply
Hello to Belgium, Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, I do not provide any investment advice nor do I handle someone else's trading account. But what I will advise you is to learn as much as you can and to trade with a licensed company, not with scams like Bitcoin Loophole to whom many people actually have fallen victims. It is great to actually read from someone that did not invest money with them and got scammed. If you want to avoid any complications you might want to choose one of the crypto companies mentioned here I consider these 5 to the best ones on the market (my personal opinion). They are all overseen and regulated by the European legal entity CySEC. The best and probably the easiest way for someone with little to no experience is to buy a coin and hold it. Most cryptocurrencies are actually currently for a very good price in comparison to the beginning of the year. Also, do not forget to check out our crypto guide for beginners, that will help you on your path. I hope I was at least a bit of help. Best of luck Stefaan!
February 15, 2018 AT 20:54 / reply
Hello! I saw the advert for bitcoin-loophole on facebook like a BBC news, after clicking on the add it sent me to a website which looked like the BBC website reccommeding to use bitcoin-loophole. I created an account to read more about it. And after 2 minutes or less an account manager phoned me and he didn't stopped talking for over 10 minutes and he was trying to make me invest there and than. I explained that I just wanted to see what was it about and I wasn't ready to invest. He insisted and wasn't listening so I ended up hanging up after explaininng that I am not ready to invest and I would contact them if I decide to do so. He phoned me 5 more times in the same evening and I haven't picked up. The following day, he phoned again several times and because I haven't picked up, later the same day he phoned again from a different number. I explained that I would like him or anyone else from his company to stop contacting me as I felt harassed. I also e-mailed them with the same request. The next day, I received flashes from different numbers which I ignored. In the evening, I received a phone call from a different number (with a Swedish code). A lady from the same company was phoning like nothing happened. I was very categorical in explaining that I do not wish to be contacted by them, that I fell harassed and that I will phone the police if they don't stop contacting me. After trying again to make me listen to her offer and I exaplined that I am not interested and I asked that all my details to be deleted from their system. She said that she can't delete the details but she can leave a message in the system that I do not wish to be contacted. Since that day, every day I receive at least 2 phone calls from diferent numbers all with a Swedish code. i ignored them all and blocked all those numbers, but still everyday I get calls from new numbers. I haven't picked up any of the calls, but it's getting really annoying and it' clearly them. Any advice about how I can make them stop doing this or who should I make an official complaint to considering that I don't want to talk to them given the unsuccesfull attempts? Thanks! Definetly IT IS A SCAM!
Xoliswa Lillian Hlebo
March 04, 2018 AT 11:43 / reply
Me i got scammed by GreenFieldsCapital..those scums are vultures hungry to devour anyone thats Xoliswa Lillian Hlebo from South Africa
April 07, 2018 AT 10:41 / reply
Hi I invested $250 US into bitcoin loophole and I have an account with a broker his name is Mathew Lawson when he rang me to get my trading started he wanted me to put more money into my account $1000 or $5000 but I said I didn’t have any more money to invest and he kept pestering me I kept saying I don’t have any more to give and I told him that a lot of red flags are starting to pop up and I told him that I can’t just get online any time to do trading I can only do it at 7pm as I work 10 hours a day and I haven’t heard anything since Wednesday 4/4/2018 I have a link for there software but nothing happens any ideas of what I can do to close the account and get my money back Cheers Sue
April 07, 2018 AT 19:23 / reply
Hello Sue, What payment method did you use to fund your account?
May 14, 2018 AT 11:45 / reply
If you sign up then reconsider thinking you have made a mistake but have not yet paid anything, watch out, you are in for a barrage of calls. Even if you ask them to remove you from their lists they won't. They don't even respond to threats of being exposed or reported to the relevant bodies who monitor and regulate them. This tells me they are not calling from the UK and really don't have a need to worry. Also, the numbers they are calling on are not real so this tells me they are number spoofing, which is highly illegal. Consider what you do when creating an account even if you don't wish to use the account you will soon wish you hadn't bothered.
May 15, 2018 AT 22:43 / reply
Hi Michael Can you recommend a broker that is licensed and trustworthy in New Zealand? Thanks.
May 16, 2018 AT 12:59 / reply
Hello Derek, Feel free to check out reviews of these two companies: Plus500 , IQ Option. Both brokers accept traders from New Zealand. They are regulated by CySEC, have a very solid reputation and are one of the most popular cryptocurrency brokers out there.
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