Steve McKay's BitCoin Code Scam Exposed


BitCoin Code is a new auto-trading software that promises $13, 000 in 24 hours. However, as you are going to find out, it is just an outrageous scam that we are going to expose in the following review.



Bitcoin is very popular these days and that is what BitCoin Code uses to make a profit. It claims to have a software that has 99.5% accuracy which makes it virtually impossible to lose. Reading this statement, anyone with a little bit of common sense should know that BitCoin Code is a scam. In this article, I am going to show you what are my reasons for making such accusations.

BitCoin Code is for a limited number of people

In the official BitCoin Code video, the product is claimed to be very secret. The viewers are told that only 25 people will be given access to it and that they could become the new millionaires. Right, so why do they pay for advertisement campaigns and they make the video public? That doesn’t make much of a sense, does it?

The software is completely free of charge

They repeat over and over you should keep your credit card in your pocket and your Paypal information away because they do not want a single penny from you. Well, at least until they ask you to deposit a minimum of $250 into their magical software. But how are you going to deposit funds without using any payment method?

Magnificent profits promised

A guarantee of enormous profits always raises a red flag that the offer might be a scam. You should always be very careful when someone promises you something that sounds just way too good to be true. I know you would love to have that money in your bank account, but that is not going to happen, at least not with BitCoin Code.

Steve McKay - The mastermind behind BitCoin Code

McKay is mentioned as the master genius who worked days and nights to create the BitCoin Code software. But guess what, this guy doesn’t even exist. Well, he does, but that is not his real name. The person introduced to us is actually a professional model. If you do not believe me, take a look at this picture from Do you recognise it? You should. That is Steve McKay from BitCoin Code.

BitCoin Code is using paid actors

It is probably not much of a surprise that this software is represented by paid actors. And how do we know? Because we have seen the same faces in similar scams trying to rob honest working people of their money. We were also able to find one of the main actors on where anyone can buy his services just for 5 dollars – The fact that they use for their "honest" reviews paid actors with no experience with the product whatsoever does not look good. In fact, that is a very common practice of scams.


Is BitCoin Code a scam?

We definitely do not consider BitCoin Code to be a fair and honest software. Everything they present is a lie and therefore we have come to a conclusion that BitCoin Code is a scam and that the story about Steve McKay is fake. We hate the fact that they take advantage of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies being so popular. Once people use this robot, they will find out that it is not working as promised. As a result, they might think that the problem is in Bitcoin and not in the BitCoin code software. We advise staying far away from this scam to all of our readers.

Rita Burger
November 02, 2017 AT 10:02 / reply
I would have liked to know IF there was a similar system out there to make this money...and not just scam after scam. I am a disabled lady and my income is so small....I almost fell for this Bitcoin code sad now! Any ideas on how I can make a few extra money otherwise?
November 02, 2017 AT 15:08 / reply
Hello Rita, There is quite a good number of crypto robots that work almost always on the same principle, but they all have one thing in common - they are scams. If you want to make money by trading Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, check this Crypto guide and learn how to trade on your own. Because everyone who promises to do it for you will most likely just take advantage of you.
William Jack
November 04, 2017 AT 06:54 / reply
Great review I really appreciate someone saying something about binary options scams. I just started trading a year ago and I know it is something that takes time, patience and a good strategy. As I started I was very attracted to the idea of winning 90% profit from each trade I'd made. But before I signed in, I remembered a phrase my mentor used to tell me: "if it seems too good to be true, then it is really too good to be true". So I did my research and ended up reading terrible reviews about those platforms. Such as not being able to withdraw your profits whenever you wanted and the fact that I was about to give my money to a Cyprus-regulated company... yes, a tax heaven country. To all of you that want to start trading, please don't be fooled by companies like those. Making money takes time and learning, you won't get rich overnight but if you're disciplined enough you might one day become a successful trader. Trade Safe!
November 04, 2017 AT 08:43 / reply
Hello Wiliam, We are glad that you like the review. We couldn't agree more with you, learning how to trade is like learning how to play a musical instrument. In the beginning, you suck, but in the end, you can perform something phenomenal.
January 28, 2020 AT 12:15 / reply
Hi Michael, I am from Nigeria i which to invest in Bitcoin loopholes. Your advice please?
January 28, 2020 AT 12:54 / reply
Hello Ajibola, My advice is not to invest in Bitcoin loopholes, if you have read comments in this article, you know why I don't advise doing so. If you want to trade Bitcoin, trade on your own with some reputable crypto broker.
Felix Medayese
September 27, 2019 AT 09:37 / reply
absolutely correct
Salami James
November 28, 2017 AT 19:03 / reply
Thanks Michael. I almost deposited dollars just now. I am convinced that bitcoin code is scam. But what else can I do to earn money after buying bitcoin as I am a beginner? Please advice me in my mail below. Thanks
November 28, 2017 AT 19:22 / reply
Hello, If you are looking for a way how to make money on trading cryptocurrencies, check our crypto guide for beginners, it should help you with your beginnings.
December 04, 2017 AT 14:45 / reply
Hi Michael, Nearly signed up to this as was curious about the software, it actually led me to a trading platform called CFD Corporate (based in Switzerland) who subsequently called me and claimed it to be 'just marketing' to get people to their platform... I currently trade on etorro - what are your views on these guys? I am also trying to find a 'safe & secure' platform to trade/invest in IOTA, any suggestions? (currently not being traded on etorro)
December 04, 2017 AT 16:29 / reply
Hello, No, I am currently testing Etoro, but I have not come to a conclusion yet. But if I will approve this company you will have the chance to read about them on this web. If you want to trade/invest in IOTA you can go for IQOption. Review of this company can be found on our website :)
January 09, 2018 AT 20:49 / reply
Thanks I just signed into this bitcoincode scam how to delete my information so shaking now
January 09, 2018 AT 21:40 / reply
Hello Anne, I don't think you will be able to delete your account there. But if you did not make a deposit or provided a copy of your ID, you are fine.
leeanne fisher
August 24, 2019 AT 11:49 / reply
Glad i saw this as i looked up the guys name, thought it was to good to be true, any advice for someone living in australia with crypto. Thanks
August 24, 2019 AT 12:25 / reply
Hello, I am glad our post helped you. It is always good to follow the rule of the thumb - if it sounds good to be true, it probably isn't true...You can have a look at our Plus500 review, this company is regulated by the Australian ASIC and has quite attractive crypto offer.
January 15, 2018 AT 22:04 / reply
Hi Michael, I just found your website and upon your recommendation went to the Plus500 website to sign up for the test demo. I was unable to download the app through AppleStore. It said I needed to be in Latvia. When I did that, it said I needed to be in the US....... I’m actually in Mexico. What can you advise? Thanks, Steve
January 15, 2018 AT 22:12 / reply
Hello Steve, I never heard of such problem, that is really weird. I know for sure that they do not support traders from US, but clients from Mexico should not have any problem. Try to reset your mobile and internet connection and try it again, or it might be downloadable from the link If nothing works out, let me know and I will try to advise you further steps. Regards Michael
January 23, 2018 AT 13:38 / reply
Hi Michael Great blog Thanks I'm brand new to the crypto world, also lost $250 via Bitcoin code. Also invested $1200 with Greenfield Capital, do you know anything about them? Is there anybody you can recommend, scams all over the net. Regards Gerhard South Africa
January 23, 2018 AT 21:16 / reply
Hello, Greenfield Capital is also a scam that should be avoided. Please choose only regulated crypto brokers for your trading to avoid any problems.
March 27, 2018 AT 08:46 / reply
Hello, I see that you have tested EToro. Any advice on that platform? regards //L
March 27, 2018 AT 15:47 / reply
Hello, Yes, we did and it most certainly is an interesting project. For now, we do not, however, think they provide better services than the companies featured on the web.
March 27, 2018 AT 08:47 / reply
Hi... Back in to find out what platforms are trustworthy. regards/L
March 27, 2018 AT 15:49 / reply
Hello again Lucy, It is hard to determine one's trustworthiness. But regulation is a necessity when choosing a broker, or at least from my point of view. IF you are searching for regulated companies check the article crypto brokers on the web.
April 02, 2018 AT 15:49 / reply
I felt for it, feel pretty stupid now. What is the likeness of them allowing me the withdraw the money>
July 21, 2018 AT 22:45 / reply
hello. is 24options a legit trading platform?
July 22, 2018 AT 06:37 / reply
Hello, Yes, this company is legit. There are, however, many better alternatives so we no longer write about the company anywhere.
Peng Swee
August 27, 2018 AT 04:03 / reply
Hi Sir Can i check with you which trading platforms you feel is good to trade NYSE, Nasdaq shares and also OTC shares and no problems to withdraw money?
September 06, 2018 AT 10:15 / reply
Hello Peng, Sorry for my late answer, I lost track of your comment in all the enquiries that are coming in. The most CFDs on shares has probably Plus500 or eToro.
marcia Jones
November 05, 2019 AT 18:18 / reply
Hi Am interested in investing starting small. Can you advise where to start.
November 05, 2019 AT 23:07 / reply
Hi Marcia, Thank you for your message. What financial assets would you like to trade? Forex, Shares, cryptocurrencies?
December 09, 2019 AT 16:29 / reply
Very helpful information thank you.... Will research and learn before parting with any hard earned money.
December 15, 2019 AT 15:01 / reply
I receive at least THREE and as many as NINE emails DAILY from Steve Mckay Bitcoin sites and despite numerous attempts to stop them clogging up my inbox, they persist. How do I stop them please as they have become a thorough nuisance and they are of no interest whatsoevr to me?
December 15, 2019 AT 23:08 / reply
Hi Val, Just blacklist their email adress, that is probably all you can do.
Musa Njenga
February 10, 2020 AT 08:28 / reply
Michael. Iam holding $250 supposedly for Bitcoin Loophole today February 10th. Iam from Kenya and a claim linked to a Kenyan millionaire Manu Chandaria gave me confidence in Loophole. Thank you for your website I got to figure out the scam. They even do not have real reviews and Steve McKay happens to be a model image.
February 10, 2020 AT 09:27 / reply
Hello Musa, How did he Manu Chandaria give you confidence in Bitcoin Loophole? Because I highly doubt he said anything good about this system. Please always verify if someone isn't just using someone else's good name for their own gains. Best of luck. Michael
Ahmad Irshad
February 20, 2020 AT 17:59 / reply
Thank you so much for all information. Thank’s
February 20, 2020 AT 19:31 / reply
You are welcome :)
March 11, 2020 AT 09:30 / reply
Michael I'm most grateful. I almost fell for this scam. thank you
March 11, 2020 AT 11:36 / reply
Hello, You are welcome, I am glad I could be of help :)
March 17, 2020 AT 09:59 / reply
This was just in as I was considering investing my money. Thanks a lot for putting this out.
March 17, 2020 AT 10:07 / reply
Hello Kpadoo, Glad that you found this article first then. You are welcome :)
R Cris
March 26, 2020 AT 15:53 / reply
Dear Mr. Michael, Thank you very much for the exposee since i almost succumb to this proliferating scammers on BitCoin Currencies. Thank You very much. God Bless you and protect you, your colleagues always.
March 26, 2020 AT 16:34 / reply
Hello Cris, You are welcome and thank you!
March 30, 2020 AT 06:34 / reply
Thank you Michael, you are God sent. I was almost sending them money quite convinced that I’d make a ton of money. But today I woke up with the need to check whether there was an actual interview by Manu Chandaria (one of Kenya’s millionaires) only to be directed to the YouTube advertisement and their fake reviews. But then I found you, thank God. But more fundamentally, are there robots that use AI to generate revenues for people, be it in crypto, forex or stocks? Thank you for saving us.
March 30, 2020 AT 09:22 / reply
Hello Winston, Thank you for your kind words :). I am glad you found our review. The whole idea that such a system even exists seems ungraspable and I think that whoever claims that they have such a system are just scammers who wants to profit off you (Why would they not otherwise use it for themselves and made a s*** of money? If you do not want to trade on your own (which I recommend), you can follow and copy some successful traders. There are many platforms that work on this concept, so perhaps that might be something of your interest.
Gert van der Mwrwe
April 03, 2020 AT 17:16 / reply
April 03, 2020 AT 19:53 / reply
Hello Gert, From Bitcoin code?
April 13, 2020 AT 10:34 / reply
Please Michael tell me all you know about Million Money Platform and Trust Wallet !!! Are they for real ! legit !! & Not SCAM ... Michael Please am in dire need of your assistance Personally I have lost some reasonable sums of money to lots of SCAMS ... BUT yet I really want to make EXTRA INCOME ! So Please kindly assist ....
April 13, 2020 AT 17:38 / reply
Hello LAteef, I have no experience with either of these systems. With that being said, according to this source , Milion Money Platform is a pyramid scheme. If that's the case, you should avoid at all cost. Trust Wallet, on the other hand from my research, seems like a fair company. But as mentioned I have no experience with either of these systems.
Austin Emilo
April 16, 2020 AT 15:53 / reply
I opened an account with Cryptosoft and I noticed they are affiliated to Excentral broker.. Though I have not made this legit?
April 16, 2020 AT 19:02 / reply
Hello Austin, I don't know how about you, but I would never trust a system that promises me to make me $5,489 in the following 24 hours...
April 21, 2020 AT 13:42 / reply
Hi, Thank you for your review, i nearly joined. I am very interested in bitcoin. What is your opinion on Coinbase, robinhood, etoro
April 21, 2020 AT 16:35 / reply
Hello Hameed, You are welcome. I think all of the crypto exchanges have a good reputation and solid trading conditions. We haven't made a review of Coinbase nor Robinhood, but here is eToro review on our website. In case you would like to know more about them -
May 02, 2020 AT 21:38 / reply
Hi Michael thanks for the information on bitcoin code I an from Nigeria how can I get a trader to copy thank you
May 02, 2020 AT 22:41 / reply
Hello, You are welcome. If you want to copy other traders, you can try out eToro, they have a very popular social trading network.
May 03, 2020 AT 20:09 / reply
Thank you Michael do i need to have an account with etoro before i can copy the trader
May 03, 2020 AT 22:40 / reply
Hello Justice, Yes, you do. It is possible only to copy traders within the eToro trading platform. You can open a demo to test this (they will ask you just for an email and a password). Best of luck. Michael
May 04, 2020 AT 07:49 / reply
Thank you Michael please don't feel like am asking to much questions. But these traders would any of them have a record of their trade from as far back as 2005 thank you
May 04, 2020 AT 09:38 / reply
Hello Justice, No worries, I am here to assist you. I believe there are a couple of traders who are on the eToro platform close to 10 years now, but I don't think you are going to find there someone from as back as 2005.
May 04, 2020 AT 11:01 / reply
Thank you Michael why can't i someone from as far as 2005 and if I can't find anyone how do I find someone who has being trading with his/her detailed trade from that time till now
May 04, 2020 AT 16:45 / reply
Hello Michael, Is bitcoin loophole same as bitcoin trader and bitcoin code? also can you recommend a broker that provides good returns on investment apart from copy trading. i dont know how to trade but i believe i should be able to invest somewhere and still make some good money. im in Ghana, west africa
May 04, 2020 AT 17:09 / reply
Hello Lennox, I am not sure if the same person stays behind all these systems, but their principle is pretty much the same...Have you thought about IQ Option? They have a pretty solid offer and they welcome traders from Ghana. In case you would want to check their offer out, go for our IQ option review.
May 04, 2020 AT 17:12 / reply
Hello Michael, is there any auto trading software out there that you can recommend even is the profits are small? at least there should be 1% of the softwares being legitimate and not scam. im not looking for huge profits but something reasonable no matter how small it might look
May 06, 2020 AT 12:01 / reply
Hello Lennox, I don't know of any, most of the trading software I tested turned out to be sooner or later just scams, so I no longer try to find the perfect trading software that would trade for me (as I doubt that there is any). The best bet is for you to trade on your own, at first slowly, perhaps on a demo and then after some time with small investments.
May 11, 2020 AT 19:29 / reply
Hi Michael Thank you for putting this up - it is much appreciated.My son and a friend were pooling hard earned money (from part time jobs) to buy into this,but luckily double checked with me first.I reasoned that if 25 millionaires were being created every 48 hours (or whatever) it seemed odd that this guy wanted a (relatively) measly 250 dollars.And why did he need to advertise?That said you're great detective work completely sealed the case for not proceeding...well done.Thank you on all our behalves..and for allowing my son and his friend to learn a valuable life lesson .We hope the good you've done comes back to you many times over.Tony
May 11, 2020 AT 20:38 / reply
Hello Tony, I am glad you found this article first and that were not fooled by all their promises. Thank you very much for your heartwarming words, this is the reason why I do what I do :). Take care. Michael
Sipho Mpuntsha
May 17, 2020 AT 16:46 / reply
Thanks a lot for an informative website. How can I trade with you guys?
May 17, 2020 AT 17:14 / reply
Hello, You are welcome, thanks for the support. You cannot trade with us, we are just an educational portal.
Sam Haidi
June 06, 2020 AT 20:17 / reply
I almost became a victim of this bitcoin scam. I was all ready to fill in my particulars and make the payment of $250.00. Something told me to google Steve McKay which I did and that led me to you Michael. Thank you so much for saving the innocents from being scammed. Always remember this pharase : There’s no such thing as easy money. God Bless You Michael. Regards from Singapore.
June 07, 2020 AT 09:42 / reply
Hello Sam, You are right, easy money do not exist. I am glad I could be of help! Best of luck on your trading journey. Kind regards,
Matthias Ungricht
January 25, 2021 AT 17:59 / reply
Hallo Michael Die Fakenews sind so verlockend mit Ferrari und anderen Boliden eigener Jet, schöne Mädchen usw wer will das nicht Danke dir für deinen direkten Kommentar. Habe bei Etoro ein Jahr lang über tausend Euro einem Broker überwiesen der für mich das Geld Gewinn bringend anlegt habe am Ende des Jahren zwar kein Verlust gemacht aber auch kein Gewinn erzielt . Also gehe ich lieber irgend wo arbeiten dann weiss ich wenigstens was ich Ende Monat habe. Grüsse aus der Schweiz
January 25, 2021 AT 21:42 / reply
Hello Matthias, Thank you for your comment. You are right, it's pretty easy to get dragged into a scam, glad you haven't! Best of luck on etoro. Regards, Michael
November 10, 2021 AT 14:39 / reply
Thanks for the bitcoin prime a legit thing
November 10, 2021 AT 17:17 / reply
Hello Rohit, I am sorry but I have never heard of bitcoin Prime.
December 15, 2021 AT 13:12 / reply
Hello Michael, You just saved me from going into business with Bitcoin Loophole! It did sound too good to be true so I did a search and your platform came up with so many answers! Thank you so much! Question: I'm in Japan and looking to try to invest in the the new currencies at low level as I am retired not much to work with. Can you give any advice? Thanks!
December 15, 2021 AT 16:42 / reply
Hello Horizons, I am glad I could be of help! There are many companies that accept traders from Japan. You can see some of the popular choices on our website. Warm regards, Michael
February 01, 2024 AT 11:54 / reply
Hello, what do you know about Immediate Bitwave?
February 02, 2024 AT 14:57 / reply
Hello, I don't have any experience with it.
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