Binary options guide for pro traders

The last and final category of our tips is dedicated to advanced traders who already orientate in charts and know how to use charting services like MetaTrader 4 or FreestochCharts. In this section, you will find drafts of specific binary strategies along with an explanation of the most used indicators that are commonly practised in the world of binary options.


1. RSI indicator and a simple trading strategy

2. Simple, yet effective strategy with stochastic oscillator

2. How to look for interesting stock trade opportunities -


All strategies provided on our website are just a proposal for a style of trading, some traders may have better results with a different time frame or with using another support indicator and so on. Therefore I highly recommend to all of our readers to firstly try any strategy that they find here on a demo account. You should not do so only with the strategies on our website, but with any method that you find also elsewhere. On a demo account, you can adjust the setting of your strategy to your needs, and accomplish the best possible results.


Our website should not be the only source of your education. You may also find good information in the literature that focuses exclusively on trading. In case you are looking for an inspiration what to read, you can have a look at our article Binary options books that every trader should know. I believe that each of these books will help you to move further, do not worry they are explained in a very explicit manner so their reading is not hard.

Novice Traders Guide

Advanced Traders Guide

PRO Traders Guide


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