Who are the Biggest Crypto Influencers on Facebook?

A few social media influencers in cryptocurrencies have become well-known due to their noticeable Facebook followings of cryptocurrency lovers. Digital asset gurus have become the pied pipers of the cryptocurrency world, capable of igniting trade frenzies and manipulating sentiment with a single post. Their opinions on Bitcoin, altcoins, and the most recent advancements in DeFi are devoured by millions of loyal fans searching for the next rising thing.


This article explores the realm of Facebook crypto influencers, looking at the individuals who have developed substantial fan audiences and have a significant influence on the general public’s perception of and acceptance of cryptocurrencies. When choosing these influencers, some of the key factors that were looked at were size, interaction rates, level of industry knowledge, and media mentions.


Top Crypto Influencers on Facebook

Here are some crypto Facebook gurus you should make sure to follow:


Vitalik Butterin, co-founder of Ethereum, has over 138,000 Facebook followers. Establishing him as a leading voice in crypto. His posts analyze blockchain technology, offering insights into Ethereum and the broader crypto landscape. 

While his follower count is large, Buterin’s true impact stems from his deep grasp of decentralized technologies and dedication to advancing this space. His visionary reputation arises from his thought-provoking content and community engagement.



Roger Ver has over 20,000 Facebook followers, making him one of the most active crypto influencers across platforms due to his early cryptocurrency investments and promotions. He earned the nickname “Bitcoin Jesus” for his early adoption and advocacy of Bitcoin. 

Ver helped launch notable early Bitcoin projects through investments like Kraken, purse.io, Blockchain.com, Ripple, and his own Bitcoin.com crypto services platform. He co-founded the Bitcoin Foundation in 2012 to drive Bitcoin adoption.

Over time, though, Ver became increasingly skeptical of Bitcoin’s scaling problems and exorbitant fees. He advocated for bigger blocks, which sparked a 2017 fork that produced Bitcoin Cash, which he has since preferred above the original Bitcoin.

Since then, Ver has shifted his support from Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash. In his attempts to popularize the cryptocurrency he now supports, he has controversially minimized issues like a possible insider trading of Bitcoin Cash to be viewed as a "non-crime.”

Brian Armstrong

Brian Armstrong, the co-founder, and CEO of Coinbase, one of the biggest crypto exchanges out there, has racked up enough followers on Facebook but has over 10 million followers on Instagram. Armstrong has sway because of his position of authority at a major Bitcoin business and his volunteer work in the community. 

Armstrong discusses his thoughts on the prospects for cryptocurrency, regulatory changes, and the opportunities and problems facing the sector on Facebook. Crypto lovers regard him for his openness and transparency, which have identified him as a reliable voice in the community.

Andreas Antonopoulos 

Antonopoulos is one of the most respected people on Facebook when dropping crypto knowledge bombs. With over 31,000 devoted followers, this guy has a large following that follows every post he makes regarding blockchain and Bitcoin. The ability to dissect technical jargon into engaging and simple-to-read text is Antonopoulos's superpower.

 His page is similar to a free online master class offered by one of the original pioneers in cryptocurrency for anyone interested in honing their knowledge. Hot takes, instructional materials, or in-depth analyses of the most recent DeFi craze. Antonopoulos consistently provides his audience with stuff that is essential for reading.

Impact of These Influencers

In several ways, these influencers affect investment behavior and public opinion. They advance awareness and education through their insightful and informative articles regarding cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. They also have the power to drive major market movements by influencing pricing and trends through their opinions and predictions. They also promote groups and conversations that advance knowledge of the crypto industry as a whole. They foster a more knowledgeable and cohesive crypto community by interacting with their followers and promoting involvement.

Potential Risks and Considerations

Even with the enormous power these influencers possess, navigating the quickly changing crypto ecosystem still poses several difficulties. Influencers’ hard-earned reputations can be swiftly destroyed by the dissemination of false information and dubious behavior, this is crucial to maintaining credibility and trust with audiences.

Crypto’s Facebook elite always have to work at staying compliant. Influencers face fines if they don't keep up with the latest legal developments in this wild sector, where regulations change regularly. They risk their empire collapsing if they promote the incorrect coin or platform by making one mistake. Maintaining compliance while delivering high-quality material is an endless challenge. If you falter, a hungry group is always ready to snatch any influencer’s title.


In the end, Facebook’s crypto kings have created an impressive community of believers of digital currency. Not only do their postings and insightful opinions receive likes and shares, but they also influence markets and the way the general public perceives the Bitcoin and blockchain revolution.


But this space moves at a very rapid pace, as everyone involved in the crypto business knows. The old guard is continuously being upset by new currencies and chains. These Facebook cryptocurrency celebrities will need to continuously reinvent themselves to keep their devoted fans interested in and consuming their product.

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