Understanding the Mechanics of Crypto Social Trading Platforms

June 21, 2023, 4:18 PM | The content is supplied by a Guest author

Nowadays, sharing experience and knowledge is of paramount importance in any field. is no exception and is the leading direction in the world of cryptocurrency. As experience shows, some aspects of this sphere are quite unstable and something can go wrong at any moment. Like it happened with Bitcoin fall and miners of this currency had huge losses.


The direction of social trading is more flexible and has its own advantages. Copying successful traders, the social aspect and available analytics will allow you to achieve certain success in this field. In this article we'll tell you about the key characteristics of social trading and bring you up to speed.

Introduction to Social Trading Metrics

To characterize the indicators for analysis and evaluation of traders' results without any inaccuracies, there are metrics. As these trading platforms have elements of social networks, it is very convenient to use such metrics to assess something.


Without metrics, we simply can't measure and characterize traders' performance and their strategies. With its help, you easily consider such factors as profitability, risk, stability, popularity and reliability of traders. By the way, it's important to understand that successful platforms like Etoro, Investmates, Naga or Bybit can use their own unique metrics.

Key Social Trading Metrics for Performance Evaluation

Below we've gathered for you the key metrics to assess the effectiveness of traders and nothing extraneous:


It measures the return on investment or strategy in percentage terms. As you understand, the higher the better.

Success Rate

This metric determines the percentage of winning trades from their total number. Here is the same principle as in ROI - a high success rate indicates an excellent strategy.


From the title it is clear that here we are talking about the ratio of the number of winning trades to losses.

Sharpe Ratio

With this indicator, you easily see the excess return of an investment taking all risks into account. A higher Sharpe Ratio indicates a better balance between risk and return.

Managed Assets

With this metric, we observe the total value of the assets managed by the trader or strategy. A large amount of assets indicate investor confidence and success.

Calmar Ratio

The Сalmar Coefficient shows the ratio between the annual return and the maximum drawdown. This metric helps to assess the effectiveness of the strategy in the context of risk.

Benchmarking and Comparative Analysis

If you want to make informed decisions, choose the best traders and strategies to copy, improve your efficiency and achieve better results in social crypto trading, then you need benchmarking and comparative analysis.


Benchmarking allows you to effectively and quickly compare the results and success of traders on the social trading platform. In doing so, you'll use the same metrics we reviewed above. Also, don't forget that by using it, you also evaluate different strategies and their effectiveness. Most importantly, we will also compare the platforms. Specifically, their reliability, functionality, popularity and much more.


Comparative analysis helps us to weigh the performance, results, risks, popularity and other metrics of different traders, strategies or platforms. With its help, we will be able to choose the best alternatives that meet our investment goals.

Tracking and Analyzing Performance Over Time

No matter what anyone says, but performance tracking and analysis are some of the most important aspects in crypto trading. It allows traders and investors not only to evaluate the results of their investments, but also to analyze the effectiveness of strategies and make informed decisions.


Here are a few key elements of this analysis:

  • Portfolio Management
  • Data Visualization
  • Calculating statistical indicators
  • Profitability metrics
  • Profitability estimation

With this analysis, over time, it will be easier to understand the results of your investments, identify trends, and make informed decisions based on the data. That way you'll be able to improve your results and achieve your desired goals.

Additional Considerations in Performance Evaluation

In addition to the basic metrics in crypto trading, there are also extra elements that can be useful:

  • You need to consider the time frame in which you are analyzing performance. Some strategies may perform well in the short term, but prove ineffective in the long term.
  • Take the time to consider the social aspect. This includes the reputation and reliability of other traders, reviews and comments from other participants, the overall popularity of the platform, etc.
  • Be sure to consider risk factors. These may include cryptocurrency volatility, loss of account access, the possibility of low liquidity, and other risks.
  • Pay attention to such an interesting option as the availability of training materials and research. Some platforms provide training resources, analytical reports, news and forecasts that can help.


As we figured out, crypto social trading is quite a complex but very interesting field. Everything here depends on your skills and knowledge, which are acquired not only in practice, but also by studying theory. The world of crypto industry is a whole science, having comprehended which you can discover new horizons. But always keep in mind that there are big risks in this field.



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