The Wiki Finance Expo-World, Sydney 2023 is coming soon

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The Wiki Finance Expo-World, Sydney 2023 is coming soon! Blockchain, Web 3.0, Crypto, NFTs and Forex will be in focus. Link to the event and free ticket:

The Wiki Finance Expo-World, Sydney 2023 will take place on November 16th, 2023. Many industry leaders will gather to discuss the future development of Forex, Blockchain, Web3.0, Crypto, NFTs, Digital Finance.

About Wiki Finance Expo-World, Sydney 2023

It is not the first time that the Wiki Finance Expo has taken place in Sydney. As one of the most magnificent expos in the industry, WikiEXPO has always regarded Australia as "the land of opportunity" for the development of the forex and blockchain industry in the world.

There will be at least 100 experts and gurus in the local financial community to participate in this Expo. They are top experts and pioneers, plenty of great project owners and founders, venture capitalists, passionate practitioners around APAC, discussing topics including Blockchain, Web3.0, Crypto, NFTs, Digital Finance, Forex.

Why Attend WiKiEXPO?

Wiki Finance EXPO-World is a large-scale touring summit held in Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, Dubai, Malaysia and London.

We've invited lots of guests related to your business, I think you will have a great talk and may start some businesses conversation together at the event.

It is a rare industry gathering in Australia with 3,000 insiders. High-end venue, relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, delicious and well-prepared desserts and drinks, considerate service, massive popular forex brokers & traders, mature fintech providers and key-note speakers sharing insights into the future, we sincerely invite you to join this trip which will be worthwhile and profound.

Participation is free!

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