MyLifeChange247 Review - Comprehensive Scam Test

MyLifeChange247 promises to make your dreams come true. Is this system legit or is it just another shameful scam? Find out in the following review



MyLifeChange247 is represented as a community of people who help each other to achieve their dreams. So basically you make a donation in Bitcoins or in fiat currency, you wait for 1 to 6 months and then you should receive money from other community members. MyLifeChange247 is also known under the shortage MLC247.

MLC247 - 75% monthly compounded growth - Come on!

MyLifeChange247 promises unbelievable 75% monthly compounded growth. I think right there you should know that this has to be a scam. Where would the system take so much money to payout it to its members? Simply, nowhere, because it doesn't. Let's run our number to realize what is guaranteed to us. If I were to deposit 1 000 dollars, it would be as follows:

After the first month = 1750 $ (1000*1,75)

After the second month = 3063 $ (1750*1,75)

After the third month = 5359 $ (3063*1,75)

After the fourth month = 9378 $ (5359*1,75)

After the fifth month = 16 413 $ (9378*1,75)

After the sixth month = 28 722 $ (16 413*1,75)

So after half a year, I should receive 28 722 $, just from my initial deposit of 1 000$, making a net profit of 27 722$. I would love to know where the community would take so much money.

MyLifeChange247 testimonials

Several testimonials can be found on the website of this system. It should be no surprise that all of them are super positive, if you read them you will find out that they sound just too good to be real, not a single complain about anything. They also try to make them as authentic as possible, so you will find in almost each and every single testimony a grammatical error or a mistype. Unfortunately, there are no real names of the people who provide these testimonials nor any pictures of how they look. Which means that we can not confirm whether they are also associated with other scams. For what we know, they are just fictional names made up by MyLifeChange247, which they most likely are.

 Warning signs that MyLifeChange247 is a scam

  • The system says that this is once in a lifetime investment opportunity and it will make your dreams come true
  • 75% monthly growth is insane
  • They do not provide any results of the system or evidence that you will receive a single penny
  • Icons on youtube, twitter or google plus don't work
  • You should wait from 1 to 6 months but in the testimonials, people write to have great results even after 72 hours!
  • Pictures of fancy cars and expensive holidays almost always indicate something untrustworthy

Conclusion from MyLifeChange247 Review

If you have read this review closely you should realize that MyLifeChange247 cannot deliver what it promises. Their system a disgraceful scam that tries to rob people of their hard made money. That is why I advise you to stay from it as far as possible. If you want to make money on Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies in general, read some of our articles. We warn people about all risks associated with trading so you know exactly what you are getting into. If you have experience with MyLifeChange247 don't hesitate to share them in the comment section below.

December 15, 2017 AT 12:20 / reply
This is all true...since the 1st of November Mylifechange247 has not paid any of their members,till today.they dont even reply to peoples emails when they are trying to ask them about their money
December 20, 2017 AT 05:31 / reply
Yes is true now this is not good any more they eat money from people who really do not know about this dangerous scam
January 05, 2018 AT 18:39 / reply
What you are saying is true, I have witnessed my friend making a lot of money for a couple of months last year, but he lost everything after all.
January 08, 2018 AT 10:05 / reply
Unfortunately I have come to the realization that the above-mentioned is true. I made a donation a couple of months ago and I was under the assumption that my payout would be received on a certain date. Upon monitoring the site, I noticed that the maturity date kept changing by a 7 day delay which the system had to set for some reason or the other. I didn't give myself time to investigate further, shortly after that, I realized that my money was no longer "growing" as each day the amount was the same as previous days. I tried accessing the site today to enquire about this and to no surprise, I cannot reach the site. Disappointed.
January 09, 2018 AT 13:29 / reply
Stay away from this scam. I made 2 deposits and now I can't access the site.. each time I was supposed to get paid the date changes. WE ARE SCAMMED
January 11, 2018 AT 14:04 / reply
Mlc is a bunch of thieves money matured on the 1st December 2017. I haven't been paid out as yet ....don't think we will ever recover our money.
January 13, 2018 AT 08:17 / reply
People must understand about this Mlc. the money that pays members is the money that comes from other members too. If all members withdraw money at the same time and nobody deposit money, where will money come from. I think is what had happen. In December people withdraw all their money to celebrate holidays. Even from Banks there were ques of stockvels, people thinking about withdrawals, no body thinks about deposit. Fortunately the Banks have Insurances so the does not get finished. So now You members of MLC you keep on saying this is a Scam. By this You Scare people away, the people who are prepared to join so that you members could get your money back. By this You are destroying MLc yourself. I am not the Official of MLC but I am just a member like you and I am also worried because, I was suppose to get my money by the end of January. You keep on saying MLC had eaten your money and you all know that you deposited your money to another member whom you knew because you have given his /her Name , his/her Phone number and even his/her Bank account. Please members lets think before we talk and do thaks Worried MLC Member
January 14, 2018 AT 07:45 / reply
I agree with Ronald MLC is not a scam it is just a system that wants to help people through this system, unfortunately in December no one wants to make deposits therefore everyone wants to withdraw, This was a system that was definitely going to work if everyone was discipline enough to make deposists at the right time. It is just unfortunate that we have ruined it by ourselves. Worried MLC member
January 14, 2018 AT 14:47 / reply
My money was matured on the 03 December I was supposed to get it on the 04 December m still waiting till today the other thing I can't even logged in to the site so is it true or scam
January 16, 2018 AT 05:33 / reply
My money mature on the 13 December and the other one on the is maturing on the 17 January but I have not yet received anything, the only message I received was that they are still waiting to allocate the keeper for me but nothing is happening, I also cant get into the system. What is happening people.
January 17, 2018 AT 07:26 / reply
Good day MLC Members Ive invested R2000 that will mature in July im also worried guys, but lets try to keep our head up and stop scarring people. I agree with Donald that if we post that MLC is scam how will people deposit money for us to withdraw, so people lets not talk negative things about MLC and just wait for few weeks and see what will come up.
January 17, 2018 AT 08:48 / reply
I would like to know what going on this year coz every body they crying . they don't get back their money as it was advertised
February 02, 2018 AT 12:05 / reply
my money mature on 14january but not yet received anything .
February 02, 2018 AT 12:47 / reply
Hello Conny, If you think you were scammed by MLC you can get in touch with Mychargeback. These guys help recover funds from scammers.
May 09, 2018 AT 13:27 / reply
They never paid me it scam
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