Is Trade Capital Invest a scam? Beware, Read this Review Now!


There have been rumours that Trade Capital Invest is a scam that people should avoid. Is this statement true? Let’s find that out in today’s Trade Capital Invest review.

Trade Capital Invest – Is it just another crypto scam?

The number of crypto scams that want to benefit from the popularity of Bitcoin and altcoins is rapidly increasing and one has to be always on a watch out. If you received an email offer from Trade Capital Invest or accidentally stumbled upon their website you should pay a very close attention whether you do not see signs that would indicate that Trade Capital Invest is a scam.

What should you check before investing with Trade Capital Invest

In general, if something looks good to be true you should doubt its credibility. And the offer that Trade Capital Invest depicts looks exceptionally good. So, before you invest your money with this company, ask yourself these questions

  • Is the profit that Trade Capital Invest advertise legitimate? Because no system can sustain paying out really high pay-outs on a regular basis for a long time period.
  • Does Trade Capital Invest operate legally? All companies that provide investment advice needs to be regulated by an appropriate regulatory body. In Cyprus and Europe, it is usually CySEC, check its register to see whether Trade Capital Invest has a license or not.
  • Correspond the terms and conditions with what is presented throughout the website? Or does the company distance from any liability?
  • Do the testimonials that are featured on the Trade Capital Invest website look like stock images? Or like pictures of real investors?
  • What do you know about the creator of the Trade Capital Invest software? Is he a known figure in the crypto world? Or someone about whom you have never heard before?

Is Trade Capital Invest a scam or not?

While reviewing the Trade Capital Invest website we found several things that immediately raised a red flag to us. The best approach when determining whether Trade Capital Invest is a scam or not is to use common sense. Whilst this might sound like an obvious thing to do, people often forget about it when they see the vision of things that could purchase with the money they would earn. In case you would like to try crypto trading with companies that are 100% legitimate, licensed by CySEC and trusted by millions of traders, visit our article “How to open a free crypto account”.

If you already have any experience with Trade Capital Invest do not hesitate to share them with us in the comment section below.

Average rating of the Trade Capital Invest plan

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October 12, 2018 AT 14:56 / reply
hi i have a week ago invested £ 10,000 in tradecapital , and just read some reviews on this basis i have requested a withdraw of the whole amount , will i see it
October 12, 2018 AT 15:09 / reply
Hi Robert, Thank you for sharing your story with us. Please update us how that goes. Best of luck!
November 06, 2018 AT 19:12 / reply
Further to the morning program on television t regarding Trade Capital and the 2milion a 16yrold school boy accumulated trading . Not knowing Anything re trading Iwent ahead and invested £250 which was accepted in the morning. Then In the afternoon I came across some disturbing reports and cancelled .lhad confirmation my account was closed and l requested a refund I have sent 5 emails and no reply in three weeks l am a pensioner and money is short , what can I do to to have my £250 returned ?
November 06, 2018 AT 19:16 / reply
Hi sorry I forgot to mention I paid with My Tesco credit card .
November 06, 2018 AT 22:30 / reply
Hello Daniel, The best chance you have is to contact your card provider, they could theoretically cancel the payment you made...
Rob Howard
November 08, 2018 AT 09:02 / reply
I thought I would put this to the test after reading lots of, what appeared to be, legitimate advertising using well know UK celebrities. That in itself is outrageous and should be outlawed! Nevertheless I transferred £220 from my credit card on the 6th October and was promptly called from a Swiss number by someone called Mia who said she was an account manager who would be looking after me. She was more interested in whether I was going to invest more than the minimum however I put that to one side to say I wanted to see how it worked and that a decision to increase with a forthcoming cash windfall would be made later on. Over the following couple of weeks the online investment grew to £280 which was very pleasing. I then read about all the concerns about the company and the fact that they are unregulated which raised concerning warning signals. I then attempted to withdraw a small amount of money (£10) to see if the "withdrawal" process worked. Within 10 mins I was called and told firstly the minimum amount that could be withdrawn is £100 and secondly, as a new customer, I had to wait for 30 days before I could make the first withdrawal - see T&Cs. I then had a further telephone conversation and said that I would review where things were on the 6th November to see how the investment was going as well as making a token £100 withdrawal to feel comfortable about that process as well before making any further investment. By the 6th Nov the investment had grown to £300 so I decided to put a withdrawal request in for £200. I was immediately telephoned and chat contacted (online) asking why it was £200 and not £100. I said - does it matter as it is my money, and that I was still thinking of the bigger investment down the line however wanted to be sure everything worked as it should. What then happened was shocking - there was a massive investment over 4 "stocks" that all immediately made a quick loss which wiped out the £300! I stared in disbelief at what they had just done. Rather than pass the money back to me they lost it on bad deals! I then got another telephone call from a different person - no name give - saying that I had just made these investments and all my money had gone - I had done no such thing, they had! I didn't give the person much of a chance to say anything else following my tirade of abuse for putting on such an awful scam to then finish like this. My advice - IGNORE ALL THE GET RICH QUICK ADS THAT ARE BEING POSTED WITHOUT CONSIDERATION TO THEIR AUTHENTICITY AND AVOID THESE COMPANIES LIKE THE PLAQUE. THEY WILL LURE YOU IN, IMPRESS YOU WITH HIGH EARNINGS ON THE ANTICIPATION OF FURTHER INVESTMENT AND WHEN THAT DOESN'T MATERIALISE THEY WILL "VANISH" YOUR MONEY AND LEAVE YOU WITH NOTHING! I have since contacted Barclaycard, mainly to make sure they block any other possible withdrawals from the company, but to also see if they can help in anyway to the fraud I have been subjected to. They've already replied saying some paperwork is on the way to make a claim so I can only wait and see however I do accept it was my stupidity not to have done the due diligence beforehand.
November 08, 2018 AT 11:12 / reply
Hello Rob, Thank you for sharing your story with us. We agree with you and are also disgusted by scams that some websites promote. There is no recipe to make a lot of money quickly without any knowledge. Hopefully, your bank will help you to get your money back :)
paul watts
December 05, 2018 AT 13:25 / reply
utter scam stole 60.000 of my money before I made a trade
Gerald Armes
December 13, 2018 AT 19:39 / reply
I was introduced to TrAde Capital through Bit Coin and was contacted by Trade Capital soon after. I listened to the sales pitch and decided to invest £500.The following day I had a call from Lloyds bank fraud department asking had I agreed to invest £3,000 pounds with Trade Capital. When I told them no they cancelled my card straight away.My next. step was to contact Trade Capital and tell them what I thought thought of them and demanded my £500 back . I am still waiting in spite of several calls to them and one minute saying it's been activated and then promising an email to clear the way to return money . I am thinking the £500 is long gone .
Gerald Armes
December 17, 2018 AT 17:07 / reply
I invested £500 with Trade Capital,the following day I had a call from Lloyds fraud department to say that they have had a message from Trade Capital,to withdraw£3,000 from my account this I had not agreed and Lloyds cancelled my account and replaced my debit card.I told Trade Capital that I was not doing any further business with them and demanded my £500 back ASAP they have changed their reply twice and I fear the worst still £500 is small fry, with all the stories I have read surely there is some action that be taken against these fraudsters.
January 10, 2019 AT 21:44 / reply
I’ve also recently fallen foul with these scumbags, although I should have checked it out first.....damn. Deposited £500.00 in account and it was already trading without my permission nor knowledge When I realised I have made a mistake I quickly requested for refund immediately on the same day via emails etc. I have not send them any of my documents etc that they requested at the beginning. I have had phone calls from Switzerland but never answered it. Just checked on the platform again to see if refund has been sorted. Nope and all the money has been lost and is in negative, but I am not paying them for that negative difference. Painful lesson here bast’ds
Val pound
February 19, 2019 AT 15:58 / reply
Yes, I have been scammed by this company! As soon as the agreed withdrawal date arrived my account seems to be frozen and despite several emails and messages to the company my trader has decided to ignore me! It’s pathetic that they need to scam people for such small amounts! Hope they can sleep at night?
Jonathan wagstaff
March 04, 2019 AT 16:57 / reply
These vile creatures have scammed me out of £1250 im a veteran suffering from ptsd and heavily medicated. I like most am short of money and decided to invest, i was harrased to invest more and more being told dont worry we only ever expose 10% of any capital. I watched the graph go up and down. Mia who works for them did nothing but lie, she said i can withdraw my money at any time so i decided to do so and within 5mins i was faced with phone calls full of abuse and then said sorry but uve lost everything simply because i asked to withdraw my money. I then received a call from the so called manager he told me if you can invest another 5 grand i can get ur money back, i said no i dont have it.... He then said why cant you borrow it from freinds or relatives i again said no. To which i was called an inbred. This so called company is a disgrace nothing than eastern European criminals DONT EVER GIVE THEM A PENNY AS YOULL NEVER SEE IT AGAIN.
April 27, 2019 AT 10:18 / reply
Trade Capital is trading as Fibonetix...or people who have worked for Trade Capital are now working at Fibonetix,or maybe they started another scam company. I know through my own stupidity and the lure of making money. One of the 'financial manager's' email address,a certain Victoria Monet, when you click on her Fibonetix email address to reply comes up with an email address '!!! Scumbags!
October 14, 2022 AT 15:51 / reply
I have been contacted by a lady via FACEBOOK DATING and she represents this company and she was pushing for me too invest. Im glad i checked this company out . so now i will cut off all further contact. thankyou
October 14, 2022 AT 16:31 / reply
You are welcome. Glad we could help!
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