CoinAgenda will hold in 2021 a series of global blockchain investment conferences

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CoinAgenda is a series of global blockchain investment conferences. It started in 2014 and is currently organizing its eighth series of conferences.  The conferences aim to connect professional traders, digital currency funds, and investors with cryptocurrency and blockchain top entrepreneurs. In 2021, the conference will take place in four different locations to cater to stakeholders from specific regions. The slated conferences are:
  • CoinAgenda Europe in Monaco
  • CoinAgenda The Middle East and Africa in Dubai (Part of Dubai Blockchain Week)
  • CoinAgenda Global in Las Vegas (Part of Las Vegas Blockchain Week)
  • CoinAgenda Caribbean in Puerto Rico (Part of Puerto Rico Blockchain Week)

The conferences will feature over 25 exhibitors presenting the top products and services in the crypto world and 70 speakers of crypto adoptions. The conferences are expected to host 500 attendees, creating a platform for 30 startups to pitch to top cryptocurrency investors. In the past, the main speakers in the conference have been industry experts. Some of the names that have graced the event include:

  • Michael Terpin -Transform Group Chairman
  • Irina Litchfield - CEO of BlockchainCubed
  • Jim Blasko - Aspire Co-founder
  • Olga Feldmeier- CEO Smart Valor
  • Piers Ridyard - CEO Radix
  • Dirk Lueth - CEO and Founder Uplandme, Inc
  • Alex Mashinsky - CEO and Co-Founder Celcius Network
  • Sir John Hargrave - CEO Media Shower
  • Douglas Horn - Author & Architect Telos
  • Malcom Tan  - Gravitas Internationa; Associates

CoinAgenda Europe

The CoinAgenda Europe will take place on September 27th through 29th at the Le Meridien hotel. It will feature world-class speakers drawn mainly from Europe. The main discussion will revolve around regulatory, jurisdictional, and legal issues involving blockchain startups and investment. On Wednesday, the event will include a legendary dinner for networking with other conference attendees. The climax of the conference will be a closing cocktail party at an exclusive lounge.

In partnership with BitAngels, the conference will hold a Demo Day environment where about 30 angel and VC investment companies will pitch. If you’re interested in pitching you can submit an application here - Holding a full conference pass at the CoinAgenda conference comes with the benefits listed below.

  • Access to fireside, keynotes, conference sessions between September 29 and 30th.
  • Full buffet breakfast and lunch during main sessions
  • Opening party 27th, opening party 28th, and legendary dinner on the closing day.
  • During the conference, the attendees will have a chance to mingle and meet with leading thought leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs.


The conference will partner with various sponsors. The sponsorship category comes with different privileges and varying costs. If you would like to join the event as a sponsor, here is the requisite information with sponsorship highlights to get you started. Find more information here. ( .

Platinum Sponsorship

The platinum sponsorship cost €50,000 and will allow eight full passes and a fifteen minute spotlight presentation.

Gold Sponsor

Second, on the ranks is the gold sponsorship. The gold sponsorship will get six full passes to CoinAgenda and a ten minute presentation. This slot will cost €30,000.

Silver sponsor

A silver sponsor will cost €20,000, two full passes to the conference, and 10 minute presentation.

Section sponsor

You can also opt for the section sponsor to sponsor a specific track of the conference. This slot requires a €16,000 payment. The sponsors benefit with three full passes and a five-minute spotlight or one slot on a 20-minute panel during the chosen track.

Bronze sponsors

  • Cost €8,200


  • Two full passes to the conference
  • Standard exhibit table with printed sign and stand

There are also sponsored presentations, Standard exhibits, Investor roadshows.

Attendance Charges

  • SUPER EARLY registration slots are sold out.
  • Early Monaco Local registration at €1,475.00. You will also be required to pay an additional €82.12 Fee to Eventbrite.
  • Early Regular Registration at €2,050.00 and an additional Eventbrite fee of $113.74.
  • Regular Monaco local registration - $1,650.00 +$91.74 Fee
  • Regular Registration - $2,450.00+$135.74 Fee

CoinAgenda Middle East and Africa

The Middle East and Africa CoinAgenda conference will take place from October 8th to 10th in Dubai. It will be part of the Dubai Blockchain week. The conference will connect investors and startups with ICO opportunities in Africa and the Middle East. To be part of the conference, you can fill in an Inquiry and application form available on their website. This form requires you to indicate your email address, events interested in, and whether you want to join as a sponsor, attendee, speaker, or media.

If you want to attend the conference, here is what it will cost you.

  • SUPER EARLY registration slots are sold out.
  • Early Dubai Local registration at €1,475.00. You will also be required to pay an additional €82.12 Fee to Eventbrite.
  • Early Regular Registration at €2,050.00 and an additional fee of $113.74.
  • Regular Dubai local registration - $1,650.00 +$91.740 Fee
  • Regular Registration - $2,450.00+$135.74 Fee

CoinAgenda Global

CoinAgenda Global will take place October 25-27 in Las Vegas, at the New York New York Hotel and is part of Las Vegas Blockchain Week. The agenda is the same as the rest of the CoinAgenda conferences discussed above. However, the platinum sponsor category in the global conference will start at $60,000 while the gold sponsorship will cost $35,000. The silver sponsor will be required to part with 25,000. Unfortunately, the SUPER EARlY registration slots are sold out.  However, if you plan to attend, you can order the Early Las Vegas Local registration at $1,795.00.You will also be required to pay an additional $109.30 Fee.

There is also an Early Regular Registration at $2,495 and an additional fee of $151.30. Regular Las Vegas local registration will cost  $1,995.00 and an additional $121.30 fee while Regular Registration will go for $2,995.00 + $181.30 fee.

CoinAgenda Caribbean

CoinAgenda is the most exclusive conference in the blockchain sector for crypto investors to mingle and exchange ideas. After virtual meetings in 2020, crypto stakeholders can now meet in one place. It will take place in the Caribbean country of Puerto Rico and is proud to be part of Puerto Rico Blockchain Week.

The conference will start with a cocktail party. The BitAngels Pitching morning will take place on the second day. The conference will also feature a Demo Day where 30 companies, including VC investment and angel companies, will pitch to crypto investors. You can apply to pitch here, and if selected, there is a $6,000 presenter fee.

Companies that have emerged winners in the past conferences start-up competition include Qtum, Omega One, Bancor, SALT Lending, and Cashbet. Collectively, the companies have been able to raise over $500 million pushing their total market cap to $10 billion. Main sessions will involve discussion on jurisdiction, legal and regulatory issues and more. The conference will end with a cocktail party bringing together the sponsors, speakers, and attendees.

Event Attendance Fees 
  • SUPER EARLY registration slots are sold out.
  • Early Puerto Rico Local registration at $1,795.00. You will also be required to pay an additional $109.30 Eventbrite fee.
  • Early Regular Registration at $2,495 and an additional fee of $151.30 to Eventbrite.
  • Regular Puerto Rico local registration - $1,995.00 plus $121.30 fee
  • Regular Registration - $2,995.00 plus $181.30 fee
  • There is also a Joint Ticket Special of $2,600.00 plus and an additional $157.59 fee which includes access to The Blockchain Trade Association’s event on December 6.

Final Word

CoinAgenda connects investors, traders, family offices and digital currency funds with top entrepreneurs in blockchain and cryptocurrency. CoinAgenda will take place on multiple continents and will involve the leading crypto investors. Attending the conference will give you a chance to interact with the leading blockchain stakeholders and experts. After the event, you will be a better crypto investor with more networks.
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