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In the past year, Bitcoin has increased from $10 000 to as much as $60 000. With this immense potential, crypto trading calls for new trading tools. Let’s introduce Bitsgap.


is an all-in-one trading platform for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading. The global platform was created in 2017 by team traders and security experts to make the management and trading of crypto assets efficient. It comes with enticing products such as arbitrage, portfolio, and demo features. In 2021, the platform unveiled an update endowed with new functionalities such as TWAP order type and Binance futures to enhance trading.


Arbitrage is the process of buying and selling a crypto coin from two crypto exchanges simultaneously to benefit from the price difference. The price difference is caused by numerous factors including volatility and the effects of decentralization (the price is not set by a central institution. Therefore, crypto exchanges can have varying prices for the same asset). In fact, arbitrage is more prominent in crypto than in other markets.


Bitsgap’s cryptocurrency arbitrage tool is designed to help traders identify trading opportunities in the market. As a result, traders can take advantage of the price differences from different crypto exchanges to rake in profit. To put it in simple terms, you profit by buying crypto assets, say Bitcoin from one exchange where the price is low, and sell in the exchange where the price is higher. In essence, it means taking the advantage of the cardinal rule of trading - buy low and sell high - only that it happens on two different platforms.


The platform tracks trading pairs in all supported crypto exchanges. It then displays the result, targeted profits, and the option of making instant trade.


But that is not all. Below are more features that you will also love.

  • Bitsgap calculates the deals based on your account balance
  • Bitsgap enables to benefit from opportunities in crypto and fiat options
  • Includes fees charged by exchange platforms in the profit

The whole idea of arbitrage trading is exciting and great. However, the best opportunities are not long-lasting. Therefore, it is imperative that traders move in a trice and seize market opportunities immediately when they appear.


Using manual methods is not only time-consuming but also quite impractical. Luckily, Bitsgap is designed to simplify crypto trading. The platform has an AI-powered automatic system that avails trade in a single click. What’s more, Arbitrate is integrated with over 25 top crypto exchanges such as Binance, Kraken, CoinBase, Bitstamp, and Kucoin.

How to Sign Up for Arbitrage Trading

Starting your arbitrage trading is a cakewalk. You simply have to connect your various crypto exchange accounts with Bitsgap. Connecting more accounts gives you more combinations.

Account Requirements

For the arbitrage tool to work, you need to have at least accounts in two crypto exchanges. You need to have such as the US dollar or Euro in one exchange and crypto such as Cardano or Bitcoin in the other exchange.

Trading Profitably

To trade profitably, the first thing is to decide the portion of your balance you want to use. With the amount in mind, click on the trade button on the two crypto exchanges simultaneously. The system sends one request to buy coins in the purchase exchange and sell order in the other exchange.

Portfolio Feature

The portfolio product feature enables you to monitor over 1800 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin. Simply put, the tool tracks information from your crypto exchange accounts and imports them into one dashboard. The whole process is automatic, simple, and free. Like other features, the portfolio tool is integrated with over 25 crypto exchanges including BITFINEX,, bitstamp, Gemini, BITTREX, FXT, Binance, Kraken, and Kucoin.


Why do you need a Bitsgap portfolio? Well, the feature is designed with users in mind. Below are the main reasons why you will love the product.

Uses of Bitsgap

  • First, it enables you to manage your crypto assets quickly and easily under one roof. This brings us to point number two.
  • You do not have to log into multiple platforms to track your crypto assets
  • The crypto management is automatic, you will not be required to add coins or transactions manually
  • It tracks your transactions accurately based on the trading history.
  • Enables you to view the trade performance and balances in real-time

Demo Account

If you are just getting started in using Bitsgap, you might run into small challenges. Given the high volatility in the cryptocurrency market, a simple mistake might not only be painful but also costly. But you don't have to risk your hard-earned money simply because you are a newbie.


Bitsgap provides a demo count to practice as you learn the ropes. The free demo account comes with virtual funds and real market data to simulate the real trading experience. As a beginner, it is perfectly okay to make some mistakes with the demo account before trading on a live account with real money. Simply learn the markets.


The Bitsgap demo is designed with bells and whistles to simulate real trading. When you sign up with a demo account, you get:

  • 5 BTC virtual funds to practice your trading
  • Live market experience
  • Connect you with 5 popular crypto exchanges to gets hands-on experience
  • Mobile web version integrated with testing strategies

A Bitsgap demo account is just one click away. You can simply sign up with your email, switch to the demo mode and start trading. With simulated virtual money you will gain trading experience with zero risk. In other words, the demo account allows you to build trading confidence and familiarise yourself with the Bitsgap trading features.

Your Money is Safe

One recurring question about crypto trading platforms is about user account security. Bitsgap prioritizes the safety of your money. This means that they ensure that only you have access to the funds. In other words, the Bitsgap does not have any access to your funds. The whole possess is made safe with safe API keys. Besides keeping your information confidential, API also enables you to execute a trade to realize profits.

Final Words

Bitsgap has taken crypto trading to a whole new level. It is designed to enable crypto investors and enthusiasts to take advantage of opportunities in the crypto market. Besides conventional trading investors can now benefit from the price disparity of a crypto asset in two crypto exchanges. This means investors can buy a coin when the price is higher on one crypto exchange and sell it on another platform where the price is low. The whole idea behind Bitsgap just goes a long way to solidify the fact that opportunities in the crypto market are unlimited.



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