5 Best FREE Crypto portfolio Trackers - That you must Try

Any cryptocurrency investor and trader needs to keep track of the cryptocurrencies he owns, otherwise, he would have no idea which coins are carrying his portfolio and which ones are taking it down. While cryptocurrency exchanges offer their own environment to manage and track your coins it is most of the time insufficient. The crypto exchange platforms lack most of the functions that crypto portfolio trackers have and are necessary for us to properly monitor our coins. To have a good track of your beloved Moon coins - here are 5 ways to manage them (3 website trackers, 2 mobile applications).

CoinStats - All-in-one crypto manager

CoinStats is a crypto manager and DeFi wallet with over 1.2 million monthly active users. The platform enables crypto enthusiasts to manage all their holdings – crypto and NFTs – from one place. Users can buy, sell, trade, and soon even earn via an easy-to-use app. CoinStats supports the most wallets and exchanges of all crypto managers on the market. The extensive functionality CoinStats offers empowers users to research and find valuable coins and DeFi projects to invest in, as well as assess their portfolio's performance and create personalized alerts to never miss a pump. With more than $500 billion worth of crypto managed via the app, CoinStats has a decent chance to become the only app users will need to explore the ever-evolving world of crypto and DeFi.


Price: $3.49 per month (paid annually)


CryptoCompare - Ridiculously easy to use

One of the most popular crypto portfolio trackers is cryptocompare.com. Their crypto manager is very simple and you will get yourself familiarized with its interface in a matter of a few minutes. There are 2 ways to add your coins to your cryptocompare portfolio, either you connect your crypto wallet to their application or you add your coins manually. If you choose the latter, you will be requested to enter the information when you bought the coins and at what price. This tool is a perfect combination of a simple interface with some advanced features, sufficient for both beginner and advanced traders.


Price: free of charge (some functions are still in beta testing, in the future will be only available to subscribed users)

Website: https://cryptocompare.com

CoinTracking - A great way to track your crypto trades


CoinTracking.info is another great crypto portfolio tracker. If some of the functions would not be accessible only to upgraded accounts (a small fee is required) we would definitely rank it as the number one choice. This website is especially good at tracking the performances of trades. There are 3 options for how you can add or import your past trades. 1# You can add each of your transactions manually. 2# You can use CSV exchange import. 3# You can connect your CoinTracking account to your crypto exchanges (the best choice as whenever you make a new trade it will show up in the statistics automatically). CoinTracking excels in the number of functions it has and offers. You can make a report of your balance by day, by exchange, by currency, trading fees or you can even create a tax report.

Free plan: max. 200 transactions

Pro plan: max. 3500 transactions

Cost of the pro plan: 0,012 BTC for one year / 0,019 BTC for two years / 0.039 BTC for a lifetime


Blackfolio - The most popular mobile portfolio tracker

Blackfolio is with over 1 million downloads one of the most popular cryptocurrency portfolio trackers for mobile phones. Its interface is very intuitive and smooth. Not only you can track with this application over 3 000 coins from one place, but you can also create alerts for any cryptocurrency. Whenever the coin hits your predetermined price level, you get alerted. Once you enter the data about the trades you closed in the past with the information about when you bought the coins and at what price, you can monitor your profit/loss on graphs. One can also display balance in over 30 fiat currencies or in popular cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH...). The application is available for iOS as well as Android.


Price: free of charge

Play.google.com: Link to download, Rating: 4,7/5

itunes.apple.com: Link to download, Rating: 4,7/5

Delta - The ultimate mobile portfolio tracker

Blackfolio on steroids, that is how the Delta application is depicted in the reviews on Google Play. To be honest I quite understand why as I fell in love with this application in a matter of a few seconds. Delta has an incredibly clear and modern design with many advanced features. To have all your trades on your Delta app, you can connect it to your crypto exchange from which it will download the data about your trades. Alternatively, you can add them manually. Unlike Blackfolio, Delta has portfolio and watchlist on different pages, which improves navigation in the application. A sophisticated coin analysis chart, as well as price alerts, are available for all trading pairs.

Price: free of charge

Play.google.com: Link to download, Rating: 4,7/5

itunes.apple.com: Link to download, Rating: 4,8/5

Bonus one - Excel Crypto Portfolio Tracker

If you do not want to use website trackers and you are looking for a simple free solution to keep track of your coins, give a shot to good old Excel. This software has all functions that one needs to properly monitor any crypto portfolio. You can create either your own Excel spreadsheets and graphs or you can download someone else's. I found at reddit.com in one thread a great crypto portfolio tracker that draws live data from the CoinMarketCap API and refreshes on demand. The author gives it for free so feel free to test it and see whether it meets your requirements.



Price: free of charge (if you already have Excel)

Link to Reddit portfolio: Click to visit

Summary - Cryptocurrency portfolio trackers

Each crypto investor and trader is looking for different functions or interface, that is why I cannot explicitly say which cryptocurrency portfolio tracker is the best. The requirements that I have from a portfolio tracker are met by all 5 choices above. Do you use one of these crypto portfolio trackers? Or you have some other alternative? Share your opinions in the comment section below.

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