IQ Option VIP Account Review – Discover All Its Benefits

The IQ Option VIP account is a special account type for advanced traders who are looking for intriguing trading benefits. The VIP status can be claimed only by traders from non-EEA countries (Countries outside the European Economic Area)

More info: (83% of retail CFD accounts lose money.)

VIP status can be claimed if you fulfil both of these conditions

  • Make deposits of $600 or an equivalent amount in other currency (in a time period of 60 days)
  • Have a trading volume of $6 000 (in a time period of 60 days)

VIP status can be maintained if you fulfil one of these conditions

  • Make deposits of $300 or an equivalent amount in other currency (in a time period of 90 days)
  • Have a trading volume of $3 000 (in a time period of 90 days)

A review of the broker can be found on our website. Please note that the conditions for getting the IQ Option VIP account and maintaining might differ depending on your country of residence.

Benefits of the IQ Option VIP Account

VIP traders on the IQ Option platform have certain additional privileges from which they can benefit.

Increased profitability: As a VIP trader you can earn more from each and every one of your trades. Increased profitability of the following assets is up to:

+2% EUR/USD +21% Google
+3% EUR/GBP +20% Alibaba
+3% USD/TRY +5% Facebook
+2% Apple +3% GBP/USD
 +2% JPM +3% USD/SEK

*Amount to be credited to account in case of successful trade.

Free tournament participation: IQ Option holds on regular basis tournaments in which it is possible to win real money. Every IQ Option VIP trader gains free entry to take part in these tournaments. The prize pool is usually a couple of thousands of dollars.

Personal manager: VIP traders have a special personal manager who helps them with their trading. Those of you who are not familiar with all the features and functions provided on the IQ Option platform can be taught how to use them to your advantage. Almost every day, VIP managers also prepare and present market news and trading opportunities to their VIP traders.

4 Free e-books: Traders with the VIP status can download the following 4 e-books on the website. – 1. Technical Analysis Indicator “Moving Average”, 2. Pros and Cons of Technical and Fundamental Analysis, 3. How to Choose an Asset to Start With, 4. Trading Sessions and Their Features.

Faster withdrawals: As a VIP trader, your withdrawals are given a high priority. That means the processing of your withdrawals takes only up to 24 hours.

Monthly analysis of your trading with an IQ analyst: At the end of each month, you can discuss your trading results with an IQ Option analyst. The analyst points out what it is that you can improve and how to do it.

83% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

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  • Hi Michael,

    I’m new to trading world and I’m using binary options. Would you please share me some strategies which work best on binary options. Also let me know how to determine the time frame for a particular trade in binary options.

    Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Annel,
      Sorry about my super late response, I haven’t noticed your message. Should something similar happen next time, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly via an email. I believe that the best way is to combine fundamental and technical analysis when working out a new binary strategy (you can read more about it here). I no longer trade binaries, but when I did I had the most success with 5-minute timeframes, but this depends on your strategy. You can try a free demo on the IQ Option platform to test what works for you the best.

      Kind regards,

  • Its written here
    VIP status can be claimed if you fulfil one of these conditions

    Make a deposit of $1 900 or an equivalent amount in other currency (in a time period of 3 months)
    Have a trading volume of $15 000 (in a time period of 3 months)

    But when I contacted chat support they said
    To achieve the VIP status, you need to first satisfy both the following two conditions:
    – a 30-day Deposit ≥ $2,000; and
    – a 60-day Trading Volume ≥ $10,000

    So this article is old / wrong ????

    • Hello Keeru,
      Thank you for reaching out. I don’t have any information that what is written in the article has changed. However, if you have this information directly from the IQ Option support, then they might have changed the conditions requiring you to fulfil in order to get the VIP status.

  • This information is false, IQ options has denied that totally your info..
    They said it require 2000 $ deposit “and” to make 1000 $ translations during 60 days
    I do not trust anymore!

    • Hello Adham,
      The information in the article might have changed if IQ Option changed the conditions that are required to get the VIP account. However, the data in the article are the last official info the company gave. I searched everywhere on their website and there is nothing about the new conditions you mention. One of our other readers (keeru) just a comment above wrote about new conditions that one has to meet to get the VIP account. However, they do not match what you suggest. So the best thing you can do is to ask IQ Option customer support directly.

  • should i deposit 1900 usd on a time to get vip or seperate??

    • Hello,
      If you want to get the VIP account straight away it’s better to deposit once. However, if you are not in rush, you can deposit this amount over the course of 3 months.

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