IQ Option VIP Account Review – Discover All Its Benefits

The IQ Option VIP account is a special account type for advanced traders who are looking for intriguing trading benefits. The VIP status can be claimed only by traders from non-EEA countries.

Risk Warning: 77% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

VIP status can be claimed if you fulfil one of these conditions

  • Make a deposit of $1900 or an equivalent amount in other currencies (in a time period of 3 months)
  • Have a trading volume of $15000 (in a time period of 3 months)

Review of the broker can be found on our website.

Benefits of the IQ Option VIP Account

VIP traders on the IQ Option platform have certain additional privileges from which they can benefit.

Increased profitability: As a VIP trader you can earn more from each and every one of your trades. Increased profitability of the following assets is up to:

+2% EUR/USD +21% Google
+3% EUR/GBP +20% Alibaba
+3% USD/TRY +5% Facebook
+2% Apple +3% GBP/USD
 +2% JPM +3% USD/SEK

4 Free e-books: Traders with the VIP status can download the following 4 e-books on the website. – 1. Technical Analysis Indicator “Moving Average”, 2. Pros and Cons of Technical and Fundamental Analysis, 3. How to Choose an Asset to Start With, 4. Trading Sessions and Their Features.

Faster withdrawals: As a VIP trader, your withdrawals are given a high priority. That means the processing of your withdrawals takes only up to 24 hours.

Monthly analysis of your trading with an IQ analyst: At the end of each month, you can discuss your trading results with an IQ Option analyst. The analyst points out what it is that you can improve and how to do it.

Personal manager: VIP traders have a special personal manager who helps them with their trading. Those of you who are not familiar with all the features and functions provided on the IQ Option platform can be taught how to use them to your advantage. Almost every day, VIP managers also prepare and present market news and trading opportunities to their VIP traders.

77% of retail CFD accounts lose money.


Hi, I'm Michael and my area of expertise is forex and cryptocurrency trading. I specialize in technical analysis, namely in chart pattern setups. I educate traders of all levels and I believe that prerequisite to successful active trading is always knowing risks of the game. My most current interest lays in cryptocurrencies, especially in Ethereum and in decentralized applications. I do not give investment advice, but for general inquiries please use the comment section under any article.


  • Avatar
    Annel John

    Hi Michael,

    I’m new to trading world and I’m using binary options. Would you please share me some strategies which work best on binary options. Also let me know how to determine the time frame for a particular trade in binary options.

    Thank you in advance.

    • Michael

      Hi Annel,
      Sorry about my super late response, I haven’t noticed your message. Should something similar happen next time, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly via an email. I believe that the best way is to combine fundamental and technical analysis when working out a new binary strategy (you can read more about it here). I no longer trade binaries, but when I did I had the most success with 5-minute timeframes, but this depends on your strategy. You can try a free demo on the IQ Option platform to test what works for you the best.

      Kind regards,

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Between 70-87.07% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs.

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