Top 3 European Crypto Exchanges In 2023: WhiteBIT, Coinbase,

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Today, people don't need to invest in crypto mining as they can purchase desired virtual currency. Instead of buying crypto rigs worth thousands of dollars, you can create an account on crypto exchanges and quickly convert fiat currency to digital tokens or coins. Moreover, it's also possible to use the best as decentralized platforms to find buyers and sellers.


There are many possibilities to use if you are a crypto fan. However, not all exchanges operate in Europe. This is due to legislation and specific requirements that some exchanges don't meet. However, there are several great exchanges available for European users. They are safe, offer a wide range of cryptocurrency pairs to exchange, and provide trading tools for users. Thus, check out these top crypto exchanges in Europe.


WhiteBIT is one of the biggest crypto exchanges in Europe. It allows users to buy the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world by using credit and debit cards. Moreover, it also provides a peer-to-peer platform and a decentralized exchange. In the first case, the platform enables users to find buyers and sellers of crypto to lower transaction fees. In the second case, users can register on Dex and convert one cryptocurrency to another.


WhiteBIT also offers a trading platform with various tools. Traders can trade crypto assets and futures and use margin trade to increase their profits a few times. The trading platform has charts and tools to ensure that even beginners can generate profit. It also has some of the lowest trading fees that never exceed 0.1%.


WhiteBIT is the safest crypto exchange in Europe due to its verification procedure and anti-phishing codes. Moreover, WhiteBIT stores 96% of entire funds on cold wallets to prevent criminals from hacking the system and stealing the money: they simply don't have access to crypto funds.


Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform where clients can purchase popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Tether, Solana, Dogecoin, etc. Coinbase does not support every digital coin or token, but it supports over a hundred different virtual currencies for exchange and even more for trading.


Moreover, the platform updates the range of currencies and adds new ones if legit.


The Coinbase desktop and mobile app are user-friendly and allow you to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies quickly. Through Coinbase Earn, users can earn interest on eligible balances or receive a small amount of a new currency. Furthermore, Coinbase currently supports over two hundred currencies for trading, with the number growing regularly.


Even though some claim that Coinbase is the best crypto exchange in the world, it has some significant issues. For instance, Coinbase has high transaction fees, especially when trading fiat money for cryptocurrencies. Another disadvantage is the underwhelming support system. is a crypto coin and tokens exchange that allows clients to buy coins and NFTs, trade, stake, and use safe crypto wallets. This exchange provides over two hundred different crypto coins or tokens and offers reasonable fees and discounts for people with a significant amount of Coin (CRO).


The platform contains excellent educational materials and extensive research and analysis that could be helpful for traders. also provides market education updates. However, if you're looking for reliable customer service, may not be your best bet. The cryptocurrency platform only offers chat support, and clients may have to wait their turn for quite a while.


However, if that is not a major concern, there are other advantages to using One significant advantage is trading discounts.'s mobile app serves as the trader's central hub. If you're used to trading stocks through a mobile app, you'll find the experience on straightforward.


To help keep clients' accounts secure, employs a variety of security measures. The list of measures includes multi-factor authentication and whitelisting. To help protect your account, you should also protect your data and never reveal the private key.

Final Thoughts

Investing in cryptocurrency can be a rewarding experience regarding income. However, if users aren't careful, they can lose their funds instead of earning more money. It's advised to use reliable European exchanges that comply with requirements and legislation. Thus, if you see an exchange with suspiciously low costs, lower than on the market, it may be a scam. Be careful when choosing an exchange, and ensure you protect yourself by using a cold crypto wallet.



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