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Even a brief moment on any NFT marketplace will quickly demonstrate the vast number of tokens sold on a single day. Spread this out over just a couple of weeks and the corresponding dollar amount might make your head spin. Even crazier still, new NFTs are being minted on a daily basis. is a prime example of this. They have put together a selection of tiered NFTs which will allow holders certain rights or access to the incredibly unique metaverse world and story being created.

As it stands right now, there is no shortage of NFTs available regardless of how someone chooses to acquire one. However, that large number can leave any consumer, first timer or not, uncertain about which NFT should be their next purchase. Obviously, no consumer wants to be saddled with financial loss and a low-value NFT. Therefore, it stands to reason any person seeking to make a purchase should do their research and proceed with thoughtfulness so as to avoid the potential issues mentioned. In order to assist with this process, we’ve put together a short list of things to expect from a , their branding for their NFT.

What is Non Fungible Films?

Before diving head first into all the advantages and benefits that come with having an NFF membership, it is critical to understand who the media studio is and what they do. Let’s break it down. NFF has created a handful of blockchain and NFT related endeavors which are actually interconnected, allowing for a far more immersive experience for every holder. For example, one key aspect of what they’re doing allows for creative expression from users. Through a set of tools and education provided by NFF, users can create their own digital content to be utilized within the metaverse. On top of this, they have a major focus on bringing all types of media together through different avenues. Summed up, a Non-Fungible Films Membership Pass allows for access to a hub as well as crossover opportunities for entertainment media, NFTs, and the blockchain.

What to expect


The beauty of an NFF membership is the fact that it is not a one size fits all experience. NFF realizes each holder will have unique levels of passion for their project and want each of these people to be able to participate. This is why they have implemented a variety of options for future members to consider. If you want to be fully engaged without making even a small dent in your bank account, their lowest tier of membership will still provide an in-depth experience. But, for those who want the most immersive experience possible, NFF also has them covered. Though the number of these powerful memberships is limited, they’ve been given enough functionality and power to nearly rival all that the creators and original holders can do. In between each of these options lies a healthy middle ground for those who don’t quite fall into either camp.

Exclusive communication

If all that NFF has to offer is behind an imaginary door, then the Non-Fungible Films Membership Pass is the key to said door. With access to the door comes more than a few noticeable perks. The most influential of these may be the exclusive communication available to anyone with an NFT in their wallet. From upcoming releases to new developments or even personal interactions with developers, the ability to know what is coming down the pipe with NFF is second to none. Furthermore, NFF has multiple online platforms dedicated to allowing communication between all holders of their membership. Many projects openly discuss community but here, it is part of the culture.

Early access

The list of advantages provided by an NFF membership is nowhere near at its close as holding one is somewhat like the gift which keeps on giving. What does this mean? One of Non-Fungible Films core values they are striving to lean into daily is that of continued engagement and involvement from all parties, regardless of membership level. This means, no matter who you are or what you are holding, NFF is cooking up something you will have early access to. Whether it is another NFT minting or the ability to further your experience in the metaverse, NFF prides itself on what the future holds and how they can deliver something exciting to their core audience before it goes public.

Voting rights

This aspect of the Non-Fungible Films Membership Pass is unique to some degree. It is not often a member of the general public can have significant say in the creation, design, and direction of a prominently featured digital media story. But that’s just what NFF members are able to do with their membership. Each tier holds a different level of voting weight but NFF wants to ensure that every person’s opinion is considered when it comes to any decision. Should the main character pursue option A or option B? What should the physical appearance of the most recent character look like? These types of questions fall to the members and what they say goes. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind experience.


A Non-Fungible Films Membership Pass is all about access. The metaverse, exclusive media content, conversations with creators, and more, are all a part of this. But, there is one more piece - event access. Seeing as Non-Fungible Films aims to be a massive player in the industry and is backed by some well-known names, there is strong reason to believe they will have a presence at a multitude of in person events such as ComicCon, the Oscars, or NFTLA. Each of these events would be a wonderful opportunity even for the most mildly interested. Should NFF make their way to events such as these or others, any holder will have the opportunity to get themselves in the door.

At the beginning of this article, it likely would have been impossible for anyone to predict all the things to expect from an NFF membership. This is due largely in part to the wide array of benefits they have put together. That being said, these are not the entirety of benefits available so be certain to look through all they are involved in and providing.

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