Five Winds Asset Management Review - a Scam test

Five Winds Asset Management is a consulting company offering investment services. Whether they are a scam or not can be found in the following review.



Belgium’s financial regulator FSMA warned us on the 02/10/2017 against Five Winds Asset Management. Not only that this company is not regulated in Belgia where it offers its services, it is also not regulated in any other country.

According to FSMA they illegally conduct their services in the country and they sell investment packages with unrealistic returns. Five Winds Asset Management provides no information who is the owner of the company. But from what we could find it appears that the company is run by Russian scammers, who also owns a well-known scheme Questra World. Regulatory bodies in Austria, Poland, Italy and Slovakia and few other countries issued a warning on Questra World, informing us about an illegal operation in mentioned states.

Incredible traffic growth

The company Five Winds Asset Management created an enormous marketing campaign that reached to a great number of people. Have a look at the following screen how much their traffic has increased in the last month. Therefore, it is even more important to spread the news about this entity to warn as many people as possible.

How does Five Winds Asset Management scam work

Five Winds Asset Management is a typical pyramid scheme. Which means that when new investors come into the company they receive money from older depositors. Once they think how wonderfully the system works they deposit more and more money. But this money is again used for newcomers to make them again think how great everything is.

What does FSMA recommend?

According to FSMA people should not transfer any of their funds to Five Winds Asset Management. They should be also aware of the fact that it is very difficult to recover any money from an unauthorized firm, which Five Winds Asset Management definitely is.


June 10, 2018 AT 23:07 / reply
I think it's absolutely clear. Questra/ AGAM is thinking. Alex Prochukhan and Cheslav Pestyuk are busy with their new pyramids - Digithereum, FWAM, Golden Island - people their money with these swindlers. Typical financial pyramids - just looks at this "investors ranks" and enormous income promises. I wish the police could caught them in an act!
Eugenia Boe
August 14, 2018 AT 21:41 / reply
The news said the police in Russia recently has also closed the FWAM offices in the city of Kazan, the FWAM activities investigation has been started. It looks like FWAM has been losing the CIS markets)))
Oliver Kreyssig
June 15, 2018 AT 20:32 / reply
It seems that the biggest problem with crypto tokens is that the market is barely regulated and controlled by financial authorities that makes Ponzi schemes and financial pyramids like Questra/ AGAM, Five Winds (FWAM), Digitherium, Alpha Cash, Golden Island possible. And their creators, like Prochukhan and Pestyuk are still able not only to avoid criminal punishment and attack other market players with black PR-campaigns. The market definitely needs international professional standards to be implemented as well some global regulative acts. Also, in my opinion, the players shall create and participate in the professional associations, which would provide no place for the people like Alex Prochukhan and Cheslav Pestyuk.
Goran Gacic
July 25, 2018 AT 17:36 / reply
When I hear the words "pyramid" or "scam" the first association coming to my mind are those notorious Alex Prochukhan and Cheslav Pestyuk - as a sort of evil trademark)))
Martha G.
June 17, 2018 AT 18:45 / reply
Recieved no refback from them!!! Registered in Cabo Verde islands in West Africa (!!!) and have no offices in the EU to have a talk with someone, who is in charge for it personally!!! Scam!!! Stay away from dealing with them!!!
Lea Innez
June 23, 2018 AT 20:20 / reply
Anyone must be very careful in joining this kind of scheme. The internet nowadays is crowded with scam sites. High-yield investment program (HYIP) is a kind of Ponzi scheme. It has an interest of much low or sometimes doubled in a short period of time. The investor will only be paid when there are new members joined and invested. They used fake address and details, falsity CEO.
Lea Innez
June 24, 2018 AT 16:56 / reply
And in adition to my last post. 5% per week is 1,264% per annum. The US federal funds rate is 1% per annum. Stockmarket investments generally project around 2-3% per annum above inflation. 5% per week is only possible by scamming people and you know it.
Goran Gacic
July 25, 2018 AT 17:35 / reply
LOL They offer much higher income than the U.S. treasuries do))). If coins fall from heaven why we all aren't millionaires yet?))
Martin Hannett
June 24, 2018 AT 16:57 / reply
I would add that I have read a lot of articles and polemics online, and convinced that it is very difficult to earn 5% ROI on a weekly basis, or you have to be doing very risky investments, which will not warranty you'll be able to earn anything at all. It's completely not clear how they do invest, what's their portfolio structure and the instruments they use
Martin Hannett
July 01, 2018 AT 11:33 / reply
In addition to the previous post - the Financial Services and Markets Authority of Belgium ( has warned the public against the irregular activities of Five Winds Asset Management and QW Lianora Swiss Consulting SA. Five Winds Asset Management and QW Lianora Swiss Consulting SA seem to have ties with Questra World, Questra Holdings and Atlantic Global Asset Management, firms that have been the subject of warnings published by the FSMA, the NBB and several foreign authorities.
Eugenia Boe
August 14, 2018 AT 21:40 / reply
What I do know so far is that affiliates for the company will be asked to make an investment in order to earn an ROI. Details on how much is required to be invested and the following payout isn’t mentioned, but what is clear is that funds covering these ROIs likely all come from other affiliate investments. In other words, newly invested funds are being recycled to pay ROIs owed to other members. Because of this, Five Winds is operating as a Ponzi scheme.
Lars Sjogaard
September 22, 2018 AT 19:55 / reply
AGAM/ FWAM offer “suitcases” or complete “portfolios” via the websites and and via a network of agents, some of which are domiciled in Germany. They claim that their investors share in the performance of these products. A clear investment strategy is not evident. The investors themselves do not make any decisions as to which financial instruments their money is invested in. Atlantic Global Asset Management and Five Winds Asset Management therefore engage in investment management activities within the meaning of section 1 (1a) sentence 1 no. 11 of the German Banking Act (Kreditwesengesetz – KWG). However, they do not hold the authorisation required under section 32 (1) of the KWG. They are therefore conducting unauthorised business
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