– How Accurate Are Their Predictions? is a cryptocurrency prediction site that offers price forecasts for about 4942 cryptocurrencies. Armed with the information, investors can choose the most suitable virtual currency to invest in. The forecasts range from one day to 7 days, and annual predictions from 2021 to 2028. This means the site is suitable for both long-term and short-term investors.


Digital Coin has emerged as a reputable site for the cryptocurrency community thanks to its accurate crypto market and data analysis. Therefore, you can use the site to complement predictions from Below are some of the site predictions on major cryptocurrencies.

Risk Warning: No one can predict prices of cryptocurrencies with total certainty, thus it is crucial to understand that the following price predictions serve merely as a suggestion of possible price development and are not intended to be used as investment advice. Cryptocurrency Predictions


Bitcoin has experienced a 1.84% increase over the last seven days. However, the percentage change over the previous 24 hours is -5.05% at the time of writing. These percentages keep on changing with time because they are based on a short period. According to the Digital Coin forecasts, Bitcoin price is expected to increase to $93 462  by Dec 2021.


According to the Digital Coin platform, $75181.11 is the lowest could go. On the higher side, the site projections show that bitcoin could go as high as $280 708.67 in the future. The forecast after two years is $108 574. The predictions for 2024 and 2025 are $149 218 and 179 222, respectively. While the price of bitcoin has surely increased, the site had predicted bitcoin to reach $95 301.68 in May 2021.

Ethereum Price Prediction

Ethereum is currently trading at $3360. DigitalCoin forecast expects the price to reach $5205.07 by December. The projections forecast the Ethereum price to get $5599.97 by May 2022, exactly one year from now. The estimated predictions do not show any possibility of a downward trend. Therefore, the cryptocurrency is poised to be a profitable investment, according to the prediction. In fact, the site expects Ethereum to trade over the $6500 mark in 2023 and reach $10 549 in 2026.

Binance Coin (BNB) Forecasts

Trading at $656.67, the Binance coin price is expected to reach $942.45 by December 2021, according to DigitalCoin forecasts. The sites go on to predict the price could reach $1.125 in 2022.  As per DigitalCoin predictions, the price is forecasted to reach $1547.64 by 2023 and $1631. By 2028, the price is expected to reach $2,648.


The site further states that the lowest price Binance coin is expected to trade is $885 and reach the highest $3266.


XRP is trading at 1.4497. DigitalCoin projections estimate the price to hit $2.35. In the worst-case scenario, the projection shows the cryptocurrency could trade at $1.9. However, the price could rise to as much as $7.21 in the future. Like the above cryptocurrency, the forecasting site portrays XRP as a profitable investment based on their prediction. The cryptocurrency is expected to trade at $2.6 in 2023  and reach the $4 mark in 2025. The projections expect the price to reach 6.2 dollars by 2028.


Are you a dogecoin enthusiast? Well, you have a thing with Elon Musk. The cryptocurrency has enjoyed a price increase over the months. DigitalCoin forecast this uptrend could continue to as much as $2.65 in the future. Currently trading at 0.5408, the lowest the price could go is $0.71566 if the DigitalCoin forecast is anything to go by.


Here is the best part. According to the projections, the price of dogecoin is likely to cross the $1 mark by 2023. By 2028 the site expects the cryptocurrency to reach $2.21. The prediction shows the price of the cryptocurrency could reach $2.65 sometime in the future, making it a tantalizing investment everyone should be watching.


Cardano is yet another cryptocurrency that is picking pace seismically in the cryptocurrency world. The cryptocurrency price increased from 0.015 in December 2020 to the current price of $1.32. Digital Coin predicts the price could continue to rise in 2021 and close the year at $1.79. As per the predictions, $1.77 is the lowest price the cryptocurrency can trade at. The highest it could reach is according to the site $6.68, in one year (by May 2022), the price could reach $2.63. Digital Coin prediction shows the cryptocurrency could cross the $5 mark by 2026 and reach $5.72 by 2028.


Like other cryptocurrencies, litecoin value has proliferated during the covid-19 period. Digital Coin platform predicts the price of litecoin might grow to $500.77 from the current price of $308.28, which is more than a 162% growth. In one year, the site expects the price to reach $566 (May 2022). As per the forecast estimates, Litecoin is projected to cross the $1000 mark in November 2025 and grow to $1500 in October 2028. The site predicts that the maximum price Litecoin could reach in the future is $1500.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin cash is an altcoin designed to stabilize volatile cryptocurrencies. The price of bitcoin cash is in the range of $970 per coin. If you plan to invest in bitcoin cash, you could be staring at huge profits if Digital coin prediction is anything to go by. The cryptocurrency price prediction site expects Bitcoin cash to reach $4832 in the future, roughly five times the current price. On the lower side, the site expects the cryptocurrency value to be at least $3870. The site expects the price to increase up to $4800 in 2028.

Final Word on the accuracy of predictions

While prediction sites do their best to provide accurate predictions, you can’t solely rely on the projections to make final decisions. Why? Well, the predictions are formulated using mathematical and scientific formulas beads on historical data. If you have been trading long enough, you definitely know anything can happen in the market.

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