Crypto & Forex Writing jobs – We’re Hiring!

Are you fascinated by cryptocurrencies, the blockchain, or forex and want to become a writer that will be well compensated for his work? If so, read our requirements we have for Crypto & Forex Writing jobs and apply today!

What should candidates know?

  • We are looking for enthusiasts that are preferably native English speakers. If you are not, your writing skills have to be at the same level.
  • We don't tolerate plagiarism, all articles have to be unique and well-researched.
  • While we prefer witters with extensive experience in writing, we also welcome passionate writers that want to yet make their name and portfolio.

What we offer

  • Work on a well-positioned website in the market.
  • Interesting financial reward

To each copywriter, we offer the option to either work as a ghostwriter and receive interesting financial reward for each unique article they create or we can make your name to be well recognised in the industry and add under each article you write your BIO (including your profile picture and social links).

What information to send us?

Please send us some of your best previous work. Do not forget to mention what is your expertise and why you want to become a member of our team. All this information please send to my email, [email protected]

Update to 01/2023, the paid position for copywriting is currently full, the availability will be updated on this post. We are still happy to welcome to our team new enthusiast writers who wish to get extensive exposure to their name via a well-recognised leader in the crypto and forex industry (our site).
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