Bitcoin Trader Review – a Software to trust or a Scam to avoid?


Bitcoin Trader claims to have a unique trading software that wins trades with 99.4% accuracy. Is this, however, even possible? Find out in the following Bitcoin Trader Review


Bitcoin Trader is a software that focuses on Bitcoin and its trading. On their homepage, they have a short introductory video where famous people talk about Bitcoin and how innovative currency it is. It really is possible to make money by investing in Bitcoin, but I hardly think that is is possible with Bitcoin Trader. They promise unbelievable results with just a 250$ deposit. The Bitcoin Trader looks just too good to be true.

Emails – who are you, Dzhordzh Barker?

The first impulse why I have created this review was a short email which was sent to me by Dzhordzh Barker who is associated with BitCoin Trader. I tried to find whether he is the creator of Bitcoin Trader, but there is no information on google or on their website about him. In this email, they claim to have a system that can make me $100K/month.

Bitcoin Trader incredible results guaranteed!

I am always very sceptical when someone promises me something that looks too good to be true unless it’s beneficial for both parties. So when I first read the information at that I can become the next millionaire, I said to myself in silence, oh another scam. And with bitcoin trader, it showed later on that I was right again. Do not fall for an information how much you can earn with someone’s system, it is almost always a scam. The Bitcoin Trader software tells you that you will have at least a profit of $1,300 per day. I can see that hardly possibly with a minimum deposit of 250$.

Members of Bitcoin Trader Community? Fake!

The testimonials which are on their website are a scam and I have a proof of that. Do you remember the displayed traders who are so damn successful? Well, they are not. Because these pictures are stock images, just have a look.

Approved by Antivirus software? Hell no!

BitCoin trader tries to make the visitors think how trustworthy and authoritative their software is. They do that by an introductory video of famous people where well-recognised people like Bill Gates, Richard Branson and many others talk about how great Bitcoin is. Furthermore, they have icons of famous antivirus programs (McAfee, Norton, BitGo) indicating that these leading security software support this project. But know that they are there just to make you believe that they are legit.

Conclusion from Bitcoin Trader Review

Bitcoin Trader is a scam and you should most definitely not trust this software. Be aware that this scam does not occur only on one domain, which means that the web address might differ. The name Bitcoin Trader and other information will be, however, always the same. If there was a system that is ahead of the market by 0.01 second, all markets would almost instantly collapse. I think it’s a good thing that they promise such unbelievable results so people can more easily recognise Bitcoin Trader as a scam.

Bitcoin Trader Review – a Software to trust or a Scam to avoid?
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Author: Michael
Hi, I'm Michael and my area of expertise is forex and binary options trading. I specialize in technical analysis, namely in chart pattern setups. I educate traders of all levels and I believe that prerequisite to successful active trading is always knowing risks of the game. My most current interest lays in cryptocurrencies, especially in Ethereum and in decentralized applications. I do not give investment advice, but for general inquiries please use the comment section under any article.


  • Margaret

    Hi. Very interesting article. I did want to have a go and see if I could make small amounts regularly which I would pay into my bank but I’ve no idea where to start as I read the reviews and almost everything ends up being dodgy. Where do I start?

  • Richard

    Hi Michael, I’ve seen bitcoin trader advertising on facebook many times and have thought of opening an account with them.
    Thanks to you I now know its a scam.
    What’s your thoughts on a website called VIP-Crypto are they a good trading platform or is it a scam.

  • Darren

    Hi Micheal I’m pretty new to this I started with 250 Euro on kayafx they come across as very pushy to keep investing do you know if IQ option or 24 option are better to trade on thanks


    • Michael

      Hello Darren,
      Most scams are pushy, because they want to convince people before they change their mind. If this is the case for kayafx, I do not know. Both 24 option and IQ Option have quite a good reputation. But personally, I think that IQ Option has way better offer.

  • Richard

    Hi Michael,

    The website address for VIP-Cryto is
    I have parted with £250 and was put onto a broker who told a few things about crypto trading.
    The web site looked good and was able to trade on it and then after a week I was asked if I wanted to make some money big time by adding a further £5000 which would eventually make me £100,000. Obviously I refused and then its all gone quiet.
    I have asked to cash out but still waiting for my £250 back.
    I think this one is definitely a scam.


  • CryptoDadi

    Educate yourself and start trading on your own. Other people don’t care about your money, they only care about their profits!

  • Ginny

    Dear all,

    Can you please help me by telling if the company CryptoNash is real or a scam. My dad invested € 2500,00 in the last couple of days, through out the bitcoin trader ad.

    • Michael

      Hello Ginny,
      I do not know the company CryptoNash, so, unfortunately, I can not help you with this. But if they are connected to Bitcoin trader, please be super careful.

  • Andy

    Just look at Bitcoin Trader landing page and you’ll see that specified user names, their photos and “I’m happy with your software bla-bla” reviews are just fakes (they use to generate users info)

    So it doesn’t seem to be a good to trust your money to a service that falsifies user’s data and reviews.

  • esau m

    good day, I did not understand the iq option method, if you put a CALL and then a PUT this at the same time subtracts points even if the indicator is above or below your choice, if you can save me as it works since I was reviewing a bit and I did not understand, sometimes the amount went down and then went up or kept, I’m new to this and would like an orientation before making any deposit, and the price you ask for on deposit are dollars or Mexican pesos ??

  • mohamed ravat

    Hi Miachel
    Do you know which crypto software for auto trading of BITCOIN/ETHEREUM, does I Q option use/operate?
    I like to join I Q OPTION but only for bitcoin/ethereum auto trading and not manual trading.
    I will appreciate your reply.
    Thank you

    • Michael

      Hello Mohamed,
      IQ Option does not operate any auto trading software nor do they support any. If I were you, I would be very careful with using an auto trading software because most of them do not work.

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