Best Stablecoin Staking Platforms (USDT, USDC, BNB...)

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Digital tokens investment is vaunted for great returns. However, Cryptocurrencies have inherent risks such as high volatility.  Did you know you can own and invest in cryptocurrencies without the risks of volatility? This is where staking stablecoins comes in. Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies backed by other assets to prevent fluctuations and steady prices. In essence, stablecoins are backed by various assets, including commodities, fiat currencies, and other cryptocurrencies. Think of stablecoins as a digital form of physical assets. Some of the popular stablecoins include USD Coin (USDC), Tether (USDT), and Binance USD (BUSD).

Staking Stablecoins

Staking stablecoins is a risk-free way of investing in crypto. Staking involves committing your crypto holdings to validate transactions and support a blockchain network. It works on blockchains that use proof of stake (PoS) consensus models. Staking rakes in great returns can be used as passive income. However, you need to use platforms that offer the highest rewards. Below is a list of some of the best stablecoin staking platforms that offer the highest staking interests. Let’s delve right in.


Binance is the largest crypto exchange with an average daily volume of $20 billion. It handles over 1.4 million transactions every second. Binance vision is to improve lives by increasing financial freedom in the world. Staking is one of its core features towards realizing this dream.

Users can stake stablecoins for tantalizing steady interest. The platform has four categories of staking, including Defi staking, locked staking, Eth 2.0 staking, and DOT Slot Auction.

Binance stable coin, BNB attracts up to 12.99% APY on locked staking. Defi staking supports DAI, USDC, BUSD, USDT, and BNB with interest ranging between 2% and 6%. Besides staking, Binance allows you to earn interest by saving. They have an auto-invest feature so that you don’t have to do all the legwork.

Your Capital is at risk. (When Trading, does not relate to staking)

Origin Dollar (OUSD)

Origin Dollar is a and yield-generating stablecoin protocol built into one. Simply hold OUSD in a crypto wallet, and each day your token balance will increase. OUSD is fully liquid and fully collateralized, making it a safe and convenient choice for those looking to earn yield on their stablecoins.

If you already own stablecoins, they can be swapped into OUSD using Dai, USDC, or USDT on . This stablecoin collateral is then sent out to top DeFi protocols to earn yield using market neutral, battle-tested strategies. Origin Dollar is an ideal solution for users that want to earn interest via DeFi but don't want to pay high gas fees to interact with DeFi protocols directly.


Aqru is a crypto app that allows you to invest in digital tokens and get yields. They offer some of the highest annual rates, tracked to the second to know how much you are earning in real-time. The best part is that they pay the staking rewards every day.

You can deposit funds using credit cards, crypto, or bank transfer. There are no fees for using crypto and bank transfers. Additionally, you are not required to lock in the crypto for a specified period. But that is not all. You will not incur any charges when buying crypto on the Aqru app. They boast high returns on stablecoins on a secure and simple-to-use platform. USDC, USDT, and DAI attract 12% interest. Aqru protects your assets against hacking using a multi-layered insurance policy and Multisig technology.


Nexo is a one-stop-shop for crypto borrowing, exchange, and trading. It allows investors to stake stablecoins and earn industry-leading interest rates in the industry. It supports nine stablecoins. USDT, ASDC, DAI, USDP, TUSD, USDX, GBPX, and EURX attract an annual percentage rate of 12%, while TerraUSD (UST) has the highest reward of 20% APR.

This means you get an opportunity to invest in cryptocurrencies without worrying about the associated volatility risks. Besides stable coins, the platform allows you to invest in altcoins with annual interest soaring as high as 36% for AXS and 16% for MATIC.

If you run into any cash contrast, you can always rush to NEXO and instantly borrow crypto-based loans. They support 32 cryptocurrencies as collateral. Currently, the total assets under management are over 12 billion from over 3.5 million users drawn over 200 jurisdictions across the globe. is a crypto trading platform founded in 2016. It allows traders to buy and sell over 250 cryptocurrencies using more than 20 fiat currencies through credit cards and bank transfers. They have a sweet staking deal that earns you 14% interest on stablecoins.

USD Coin, Dai, TrueUSD, TrueGBP, and Tether earn a 12% annual interest. If you want to spread your investment on other altcoins, the platform offers over 35 tokens with greater returns and no lock-up terms. You can also swap and farm Defi tokens while at it. prioritizes security to ensure that you do not lose your crypto assets while investing. It encrypts private keys locally on your devices and takes security a notch higher with biometric and Two-factor authentication. You can top up your account with crypto or fiat currencies to get stable returns and no annual fees. Join 10 million other investors using to invest.


Celsius was formed in March 2018 with a mission of disrupting the financial industry by offering curated services at fair interest, zero fees, and fast transactions. Their goal is to provide financial freedom through crypto. One of the ways they hope to realize this dream is by enabling crypto investors to earn up to 17% APY and crypto-backed loans starting at 1% APR.

Major stablecoins like USDC, USDT, PAX, and BUSD earn a 9.32% APY. The platform boasts over 1.6 million users with over $19 billion assets under management. In fact, Celcius has paid a whopping $844 million since 2018.


As the name suggests, Coinloan lends crypto instantly against your digital assets. But it also goes a step further to give investors a chance to swap and grow their digital assets. This means you get interest every day for storing your assets from the day you make the deposit. You can withdraw your virtual currencies at any time with no deposit or withdrawal fees. In other words, your digital assets are not locked.

Stablecoins attract some of the highest interest on the platform. Tether, USD Coin, TrueUSD, Binance USD, and DAI attract an annual interest of 12.3%.

You only need to complete a simple and automatic verification process. Make a deposit and start to see interest trickle into account from your idle assets. If you are looking for a platform where you can earn interest from stablecoins and complete other crypto-related activities like trading and borrowing, CoinLoan is your ideal destination. It has a crypto exchange where you can buy, sell and swap cryptocurrencies in minutes. And you can deposit fiat money using SWIFT and SEPA.

Conclusion on the best Stablecoin Staking Platforms

As a trader, having stablecoins can help hedge your portfolio against the risk of inflation. But unlike other cryptocurrencies, stable coins are not prone to volatility. You can rest assured of the stability of your digital tokens. But a better idea is staking your idle stablecoins to earn annual returns. If you experience trouble deciding on an ideal staking platform, the list above will get you started.

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