Verified Robot Review – Is it Another Scam with no shame?

Verified Robot is supposed to profitable buy and sell bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Does this automated cryptocurrency system work? Or is Verified Robot just another scam? Verify the legitimacy of this system within the review.

Verified Crypto Robot trades the most popular cryptocurrencies and it claims that people do not need to have any technical knowledge on the grounds that the system is very beginner friendly. The promised average trade win. ratio is 86.53%, which sounds really great, but is virtually impossible. The robot informs us that they work only with reputable brokers. That is, however, hardly true. Verified Robot partners only with unregulated brokers like MaxCFD or GreenFieldsCapital. And with the help of our readers, we exposed that GreenFieldsCapital is a scandalous scam.

How Verified Robot supposedly work

I always love to read how such systems as Verified Robot work because I can have quite a good laugh at their explanations. So listen up.

Say The BTC/USD currency pair is at $13200. The Verified Robot algorithm detects strength in bitcoin, so it places an automatic buy trade. The price of bitcoin rises to say $13,550, it then sells the bitcoins back to USD, making you a profit of $350!. It does this only when there’s a strong signal on a particular cryptocurrency thereby increasing your chances of profit and keeping losses at the barest minimum.

As you can see, their explanation how the system works tell us nothing. How does it detect strength in bitcoin? Or how does it determine how strong the signal is? Verified Robot keeps this information to itself.

Verified Robot and its verified outcomes

Verified Robot has on the website around 20 people with their pictures claiming to be working with the system. All of these images display predominantly young individuals that always trade only one cryptocurrency, even though the system should be trading several of them. Nonetheless, the images are from stock image library and are most definitely not provided by real traders. It is quite ridiculous how they explain why such a profitable robot can people use free of charge. They state that it is because people would not be able to afford to pay the high price which the software is worth of. And for that reason, clients can pay them only once they make some profit. People are, however, not informed about after how much profit they should give them something nor how to settle any payment. It is most likely for the reason that his scenario never occurs.

Is Verified Robot a scam?

Unlike other cryptocurrency scams Verified Crypto Robot is more crafty and for some people, it might be harder to detect. Firstly, they do not guarantee to make you a millionaire overnight, but a comfortable income is promised. Secondly, there are also very few verified outcomes that are not profitable, to make you trust that the system is not a scam. Nevertheless, after this review, it should be more than clear that Verified Robot is not be trusted, because it is a scam.

Verified Robot Review – Is it Another Scam with no shame?
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