Trader’s buddy review, is it really revolutionary system?

A new trading system called trader’s buddy came to light recently in the binary options niche. It states that it is a revolutionary system that can boost your profits. But is that really so? Or is Trader’s buddy just another scam which trying to attract traders on fancy words? That’s what we have decided to discover on our own.

Basic information about Trader’s buddy

  • Website:
  • Offers both – fully automated and semi-automated trading
  • Interesting social trading
  • Selection of regulated brokers where you can use the system
  • Customer support in a need of help
  • 3 Trading algorithms that are different in expiry times, so every trader can choose what they like
  • No download needed
  • Free of charge
  • Transparent
  • No promises or guarantees (which may or may not be a good thing)
  • You can not choose which exactly underlying assets you want to trade with fully automated system
General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

Automatic trading

This option can activate fully automatic trading which does not require your presence. Here, you can choose from 3 trading algorithms: Rush Options, Baser and Investo. They should differ in expiry times and in the risk/reward ratio. However, it is not stated which one works the best, so it is probably just about the preference of the trader. With all of these trading algorithms, you can select your own budgets – daily budget, daily stop loss and so on. These options help you to manage the risk of your trading. Once you want to take over again of your trading, you just turn off the button for auto trading.

Semi-automatic trading

The semi-automatic trading feature provides signals which you can execute. Here it is totally up to you whether you make a trade or not. If you don’t like the signal, you can just simply ignore it. The system also provides confidence factor, which should work as a percentage indication of your chances to win the trade.

Social trading

Social trading at trader’s buddy allows you to follow and copy trades from a community of traders. Every signal is based on a vote of the most successful traders on the platform. These traders are selected upon the most win. ratio percentage.

3 trading algorithms: Rush Options, Baser and Investo

As we already mentioned Trader’s buddy uses these 3 types of trading algorithms. The Rush Options are binary options with expiry time under 120 seconds. They are designed for traders who want fast results of their trades and are not afraid to take a higher risk in pursuit to get the chance to make a lot of money. The basers options are binaries with medium expiry times up to 4 hours, they have been created mostly for day traders who like medium risk/reward. The investo algorithm is constructed to trade long term options up to 3 days. This choice aims for conservative traders.

Trader’s buddy in comparison to other binary robots

What I like the most about this robot is its transparency, so you know exactly what to expect and what not to. There are no fancy pictures or videos of what you can buy with the money you will make like it is with most scams. It just simply offers what it offers a fully automated binary robot or semi-automated robot which traders can take advantage in case they want to “touch” the market and learn a thing or two about trading. It does not guarantee any results of the software as so many scams do. Some people might consider this as a disadvantage, however, I can’t because the results which most system and binary robots presents can not be ever fully accurate. For the reason, that it is very hard for a system to count with all market swings, volatility or market liquidity and other conditions affecting the market.

So is Trader’s buddy really a revolutionary system?

I don’t think so. When I hear revolutionary system I imagine something that would make 100% of my trades successful and this system can not certainly do that. However, that still does not necessarily means that the system is not worth trying. For traders who are trying to find an assistant to their trading, it might be a good choice. Their platform is magnificent and they offer only reliable and regulated brokers.

Trader’s buddy – Our recommendation – important

If you decide to give a shot to Trader’s buddy be careful with amounts you invest in case you are not a professional trader. Binary trading can be risky no matter whether you trade with or without a binary robot. Trader’s buddy is a very transparent robot, so if you take a look at their risk disclaimer you will know exactly what they guarantee and what not.

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