The Unbiased MobileGO Reddit Review

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Reddit is a social media that doesn’t miss any important news from the whole world. Including the vivid discussions of cryptocurrencies, like ICOs and prices. One of the hottest topics in Subreddits is MGO token delivered by the MobileGO team. Let’s figure out why this currency became so popular among Redditors.

MobileGO and MGO token: the main points

MobileGO has become a pioneer in the niche uniting blockchain technology and gaming. This token is in the top 100 coins (according to CoinMarketCap) and since October 2018 its price started growing fast. MGO token is based on the dual blockchain system that uses the protocols of  ETH and Waves. ICO occurred to be one of the largest and attracted a lot of investors. The launch of this project implied the development of decentralized gaming applications.  It was to play a significant role in the organization of eSports tournaments also.

The scope of application received by MGO token was extremely broad. Absolutely different populations got their benefits due to it.  MGO can serve as an entrance fee to decentralized tournaments and as a match reward also. Besides, it provides facilitation of P2P matchplay. These benefits are for gamers.

The partnership with Xsolla occurred to be more than useful. The point is that this system already supports over 700 payment methods. But before MGO there was no any token amid. That’s why it is timely and relevant. The new gateways for gamers were opened: the number of in-game payment means has increased. People from more than 200 countries have a possibility to use the Xsolla tools: thus it is already influencing positively on expanding of MGO tokens.

Why does MobileGO Redd thread deserve attention?

Users vote for their favourite posts, raising them in the general stream of publications. As a result, according to the Reddit community, the most interesting records are displayed at the top, and ignored materials go down.

Reddit ranks the top 500 sites on the web in the sixth place on the list of the most visited sites in the world. The huge popularity and high activity of users make the service one of the main sources of viral content online. The jokes that appeared here quickly become global memes, and the news published by the community instantly spread through the world media.
The voting system benefits both parties: readers and authors. No matter how interesting your Facebook post is, no one will notice if you have few friends and followers. But the post added to Reddit immediately hits the eyes of a large audience. MobileGO ICO and MGO token became one of the hottest topics among Redditors.

MobileGO airdrop: the rules

You should know the news! Everyone may receive MGO tokens for free taking part in the new airdrop! To achieve this, a user must follow the official channels in social media (including MobileGO Reddit page) of the project. Then it’s necessary to retweet the posts related to the eSports and GShare Beta launch. Such users will get 1 MGO by default.

To have one more MGO a user must install GShare on his PC. Then the user must earn at least 1 GShare Gold. Are you planning to receive more MGO tokens? Participate in one esports tournament with GShare Gold you got after installing and using GShare. A huge bonus is available for 100 early birds who successfully fulfil all 3 mentioned tasks — they will get 3 MGO tokens in addition!

Also, 10 gamers with the highest GShare Gold balance in the app GShare will get 6 MGO additionally.  Don’t hesitate to join this unprecedented event. For catching more details, you must visit and then join the MGO airdrop at


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