Plus500 Canada

The short and simple answer on whether Plus500 accepts traders from Canada is NO. So if you are based in Canada, you have to find a different trading platform for your trading.

Why is Plus500 not available in Canada?

Plus500 is not available in Canada because it does not have the necessary licenses to operate in this jurisdiction. For Plus500 to be available in Canada, it would have to be regulated by the IIROC (Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada). This regulatory body protects consumers and investors from Canada and ensures that IIROC regulated companies operate in a fair and transparent manner.

Unfortunately, Plus500 is not regulated by the IIROC and therefore, it cannot accept traders from Canada.

Can I use Plus500 in Canada?

No, you cannot use Plus500 if you are based in Canada because the broker does not accept traders from this jurisdiction. Plus500 knows where you come from based on your IP address and even if you would try to fool Plus500 by using VPN, you could not trade with them as you would be asked to verify your account with your ID.

Are there any good alternatives to Plus500?

Luckily, yes, while in Canada does not operate as many brokers as in Europe, Asia or Australia (because it’s very costly and hard to obtain the Canadian licence), there are a couple of solid brokers that are regulated in Canada.

Popular brokers that accept traders from Canada