OTN Tokens at IQ Option – How to get them

OTN tokens traders at IQ Option receive as an award for trading cryptocurrencies. These tokens are distributed each week and clients can receive them every Sunday night. The number of earned OTN tokens depends on how big crypto trades you make or/and how many positions you open. These tokens can then either be used to pay commission for trading cryptocurrencies or can be sent to your crypto wallet and then be used for buying other cryptocurrencies or for withdrawing them as a real money. OTN Token is based on Ethereum smart contracts so these tokens can be sent to wallet that supports standard ERC-20 (ETH wallet). OTN (Open Trading Network) has its own value/price just like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and one can speculate on its price development. The number of issued tokens will decrease with each passing week.

How to get OTN Tokens

You can get OTN Tokens either by trading cryptocurrencies at IQ Option or by a direct purchase at these two crypto exchanges: LiveCoin or Cryptopia. There will be in total 100 million OTN tokens. IQ Option clients can divide between themselves 21 000 000 tokens, 5 000 000 tokens is for OTN wallet users and 16 000 000 tokens to OTN token holder. Remaining 58 000 000 OTN tokens are for shareholders and for the OTN Foundation.

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