More Countries Are Using GeoIP Restrictions To Restrict Access To Cryptocurrencies

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The rapid growth of Bitcoin over the past several years has millions of people around the globe interested in cryptocurrencies. At one point, virtual currencies were just viewed as something to be consumed by underground actors like hackers and those on the dark web. But cryptocurrencies have gone mainstream, with financial speculators and everyday web surfers interested in protecting the anonymity of their transactions purchasing virtual currencies. The growth of Bitcoin has been good for individuals, but governments are looking at virtual currencies with concern. The issue is with the inability to tax virtual currencies, and the potential for fewer residents using the country’s official currency. have limited avenues for restricting the use of cryptocurrencies, so one of the most common tactics is to use on cryptocurrency exchanges and forums. 

VPNs Allow Internet Users Bypass GeoIP Restrictions

A resident of a country with geolocation restrictions on cryptocurrency exchanges can still access those sites online. They would need to use a VPN, or virtual private network. VPNs work by creating a tunnel between an internet user’s device and a server located somewhere around the world. VPNs encrypt all of an internet user’s online activities while changing their IP address and allowing them to access blocked sites. The encryption is especially important for internet users who want to avoid their cryptocurrency transactions being tracked by hackers, government actors, or other third parties.

What Internet Users Should Expect In The Future

The future is likely to see even more national governments attempting to curb access to virtual currencies. That means you should expect more geolocation based restrictions on forums, exchanges, and other cryptocurrency affiliated web sites. The good news is that internet users can still access cryptocurrency sites regardless of where you are located, as long as you use a VPN. As more countries look to crack down on virtual currencies, VPNs will become even more critical for internet users who are looking to keep their online activities secure and anonymous. Look for use to increase while more countries look to limit cryptocurrency use.

VPNs Are Going To Maintain A Free An Open Internet

VPNs are going to play a major part in maintaining a free and open internet over the next several years. In the western world, particularly in the United States, we’ve seen major assaults on net neutrality that threaten to limit the types of websites that internet users can freely access. In countries across the Middle East, and in China, we’ve seen governments arbitrarily decide which websites are open for viewing and which websites are blocked by censors. More people than ever are facing restrictions when they try to access the internet, which is why VPNs are such an important tool. VPNs will maintain a free and open internet regardless of what national governments choose to do. That’s why for travellers, virtual currency traders, and even just regular web surfers, VPNs are an invaluable tool. VPN use will continue to grow as more governments push to limit free internet access.

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