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Mercy is a forex trader and passionate crypto user that writes breathtaking articles based on her personal experiences. She fully understands the pains of retail forex/crypto traders because she is a trader herself. To create this perfection, she conducts deep research and thinks like the reader.

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Financial services blogger and experienced FS Head of Digital Dave has worked in digital 10 years in client-side, agency-side, and self employed capacities. He now writes engaging content and creates innovative digital strategies for the the finance and tech industries. He is the creator of Enviroute - A new travel app which is currently seeking investment. Dave spends more time than he cares to admit watching skateboarding videos and likes to express himself through the medium of internet memes!

Kehan Zhou is a financial market expert and entrepreneur with years of experience in investment banking and Fintech ventures. Kehan was a proprietary bond trader on Wall Street. He later headed Citigroup’s European Structured Loan Program in London, working exclusively with platinum clients in Europe.

In 2019, Kehan founded Wall Strategies. Wall Strategies offers light yet insightful investing and personal finance articles written by qualified Wall Street traders, investment bankers, and financial advisors. You can learn about a wide range of topics from investing in cryptocurrencies to useful saving tips. You can follow Kehan’s work on and YouTube.