IQCoin – New Cryptocurrency Will be introduced by IQ Option

Breaking news IQCoin – New Cryptocurrency Will be introduced by IQ Option

Broker IQ Option who offers cryptocurrency trading decided to create a new cryptocurrency of its own which is called IQCoin. There is not much information about it (more like none) so we tried to reach out to IQ Option support to get some insight into what’s coming. But even the support informed us that it is a bit secret and as soon as it is launched we will get all the necessary information. So we only know that the launch of IQCoin is planned to October 2017 and that just like with the rest of the cryptocurrencies at the IQ Option platform we will be able to trade IQ Coin on a free demo account or on a real account from 10 dollars.

IQCoin – Teaser

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Risk Warning: Your capital might be at risk


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