Cryptocurrency token

Cryptocurrency tokens are a subcategory of protocols. Crypto tokens are built on certain platforms that are already successfully running. For example, on the Ethereum network operate cryptocurrency tokens Golem (GNT), Augur (REP), Iconomi (ICN) and many others. The Ethereum technology hosts probably the biggest number of crypto tokens, but there are also other popular networks like NEO where are running crypto tokens Trinity Network Credit (TNC), Zeepin (ZPT), DeepBrain Chain (DBC) et cetera.

Value of each token differs from token to token. One crypto token can give access to the token holder to view 20 hours of streaming content, while another token gives the owner a membership in a program. There are also crypto tokens which can have the same value as popular cryptocurrencies, so theoretically speaking, 1 certain crypto token can equal to 1 BTC.

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