– Can you trust this website?

Just like we give you reports on scam investment programs, brokers and so on and so forth, so do many other websites. One of such portals is also Unfortunately, we have a suspicion that even though they report on some popular scam websites, they promote other investment programs that are not known for the best reputation and could possibly be considered as scams. This article is to determine whether you can trust and the information they provide on their website.

What does the internet think about

We tried to find some background information about the company and we started by searching for customer reviews.

First, we found one review at, which is pretty negative and suggest that the author manipulated forex brokers to milk their money and that the owner is a known felon convicted in fraud in the US named Collin Tyusm. How exactly the reviewer knows this information is unfortunately hidden from us.

The second mention we found is from a free WordPress website This post was published already almost two years ago but still seems relevant as the preview of the website looks exactly the same now. This suggests the website has not changed much. The article claims that the owner of the websites writes fakes review on trustworthy services while promoting his own scams. Furthermore, the author of the post mentions that he himself was scammed of $12 300 when using services.

The third source we found was where is reviewed. Unlike the two sources above, there are actually two positive comments on the account. One might think they are too positive for a real trader to write them and he might be true as it is always very hard to determine the legitimacy of comments written in similar style.

What companies promotes

Because we found no more other reviews that would investigate this website, we moved to our own inspection. We started by having a look at what companies this website promotes. At the time of writing this review, they feature on their homepage Crypto CFD Trader, QProfitSystem, HBSwiss, FinTech Ltd., Bitcoin Trader and StoxMarket. Most of these companies have an awful reputation and are not even regulated to legally operate on the market. We actually reviewed two of these services even on our website, here are their reviews and what we think about them – and Bitcoin Trader

What the website says and what companies they recommend

The website states on their homepage the following:

“The market is flooded with various and different systems that claim legitimacy and promise high profitability, enormous returns, and fantastic success rates.”

This sounds great and all, but it would even sound even better if they would not promote companies that have right on their homepage this information.

  • Bitcoin Trader – a software that claims that their trading system will make you millionaires quicker than if you were Bill Gates. The very same system, Bitcoin trader, states that if you do not use their system and decide to leave the page you will lose $10,000 in profits per week…
  • QProfit System -The creator of this system, Jerry Douglas, is allegedly a guy that helps a lot of people for free. We are promised to have $1 000 in daily profits if we take advantage of our QProfitSystem access before our private invitation expires…
  • Fintech limited – System created by Daniel Roberts who promises an 875 dollar profit every hour.
  • HBswiss – System that should make you  allegedly $278,430.62 in less than a month

So while they warn you about systems that promise unbelievable results, they promote the very same systems themselves. Making fools from people while making money on them.

Risk warnings

Every website that promotes brokers, systems et cetera need to have risk warnings, that is the new ESMA rule. You can find our risk warnings near every link that will redirect you to such entities. So when you are for example in our eToro review you can see that 65% clients lose money when trading with this CFD provider. Do you know wonder what risk warnings has Either none or 100% Safe and Secure 😀 😀 – Conclusion

We appreciate that the company actually really warns people about some scams that just steal money from people. The problem is, however, that they promote similar systems that work on the same principle. What are your thoughts on Have you ever crossed their website? Feel free to share your thoughts 🙂


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