Cryptos Trades Review – Scam to avoid or working investment plan?

CRYPTOS TRADES Financial Company specializes in offering investment plans that can allegedly offer up to 15% monthly returns. In this quick review, we will summarize their offer so you could determine yourselves whether the company is a scam or not.

Cryptos Trades – Investment plans

The company features 4 investment plans that differ in the minimum necessary deposit as well as in the return percentage one can get. The beginner plan is possible to open with as little as $25, but others require significantly more, to get the next program you have to deposit at least $3 001. The beginner plan is only for 7 days, while rest of the programs last for 90 days.

Cryptos Trades – First impression

The main page of the web seems little suspicious since they inform us what they do not do/offer, that they are not a scam and that they are transparent and honest. I don’t think any of this is necessary to mention, I myself would rather appreciate more information about their programs and what strategies they use to achieve mentioned results. The web also lacks any information about the creator of the project as well as the information about traders who will manage your account. It is also more than obvious that the website was not created by a native English speaker as we can see pretty basic errors in the structure of the text. Let’s have a look at their statistics, that are today (12.04.2018) showing this information: total deposited $ 68 236.70, totally withdrawn $ 3 932.00, last withdraw: $ 3,399.00 (blackhorse), Running Days: 286. Doesn’t it strike you as odd that even tho that the system is running for quite some time it has almost no withdrawals? No one who would want to test whether they can withdraw their money without having any problem?

 Is Cryptos Trades a scam or not

We were unable to detect whether Cryptos Trades is a scam or not. While there are big red flags that should warn us about the honesty of this system we could not find any information that would explicitly indicate that the system is a 100% scam. It is, therefore, up to you to decide whether you are okay to take the risk investing your money in a not well-known company. If you want to make money on cryptocurrencies and trade on your own, we can advise you to try trading on a free practice account before you get the grasp of the cryptocurrency market.

Cryptos Trades Review – Scam to avoid or working investment plan?
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