Crypto CFD Trader Review – Scam to avoid or system to trust?

Crypto CFD Trader is an auto trading software that promises to make you every week consistent and solid earnings and to create a millionaire from you. In this quick review, we will inform you about their offer so you could determine whether it is a scam or not.

The so often used pattern that a system was created by a wall street investor, is not anyhow different even in the case of Crypto CFD Trader. The name of the creator is allegedly Lenny Hyde who should be an experienced wall street investor that is also known as the Crypto-millionaire-man. This man and his software are here to get cryptocurrency investing to regular people that do not have to worry about knowing what is a blockchain or a cryptocurrency wallet. Crypto CFD Trader doesn’t require any previous knowledge of the cryptocurrency market as it places trades automatically and one should be able to earn money no matter whether the price of a cryptocurrency goes down or up. The system can allegedly predict both.

Crypto CFD Trader – Main Red flags

It is claimed that the system has been featured in prestigious magazines such as CNN, BBC, Bloomberg, The New York Times. This is, however, a first lie we could very easily detect. Not a single one of these magazines have any mentions of Cryptocfdtrader, so the system just wants to get more trust by associating its name with them. The second fact that raises my eyebrow is the information that the system can provide 99,98393% accuracy rate. Such winning ratio seems unbelievable no matter how magically the system works. The cryptocurrency market cannot be so easily predicted.

Cryptocfdtrader – Other things we don’t like

The system is open to the public, but it is said that only 10 members per day can create an account. I consider this to be a very pushy strategy that just wants you to act fast before you change your mind and rethink your stance. Another fact I don’t like is that Lenny tells us to put our credit cards away because he has nothing to sell us. Immediately after this is mentioned, we are to open an account and make a deposit…

Lenny Hyde – The mastermind behind the system

Lenny Hyde, the creator of Crypto CFD Trader claims that he offers this system for free because with each new trader, the accuracy of the system increases. He also says that he has enough money since he is a millionaire so he doesn’t care whether you use the system or not. This information is, however, mentioned just to make you think that you are the one who needs the system and that Larry also somehow benefits from giving you the system for free.

Is Crypto CFD Trader a scam or not?

Whether Cryptocfdtrader is a scam or not is up to you to decide. But from the quick review we made, all the main red flags we found were revealed. If you do not want to risk your money with a system that we did not test and is not approved by millions of traders, consider rather trading with a regulated cryptocurrency broker.

Crypto CFD Trader Review – Scam to avoid or system to trust?
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