Bitcoin SV (Satoshi Vision) – New fork is going huge

The new hard fork of Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) was created on the 15 of November 2018. The coin made in just a little over 3 weeks some incredible gains and everyone keeps asking why Bitcoin SV is on the top of the crypto food chain. Today, we will explain what is the reason behind the Bitcoin Cash split and how well the coin is doing so far.

A little bit more about Bitcoin Satoshi Vision

The main figure who stays behind the creation of Bitcoin SV is Craig Wright, an Australian scientist and businessman who proclaims to be the one and only – Satoshi Nakamoto (which he was unable to prove). Bitcoin Satoshi Vision is supposed to restore the ideas and visions that Nakamoto had for Bitcoin. According to the official website of BSV –, the coin should bring

  • Stability
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Safe instant transactions

Bitcoin SV is going huge

The whole package mentioned above seem to receive a very good feedback from investors and traders as the coin is as of now ranked among the top 10 world’s most valuable cryptocurrencies. Not only that, Bitcoin SV has almost the same market cap as Bitcoin Cash. It is, therefore, not much of a surprise that people wonder what drives the Bitcoin SV price and how such a swift price boom is possible. Especially now, when the crypto market is rather stagnating (talking yet from quite an optimistic point of view). On the Reddit forum, there are currently held hot discussions like:

Why is SV rising so much? from btc

Who the hell is buying SV? from btc

Quite a vast amount of the comments speculate that the price will go as quickly down as it went up once the pump and dump is over. For now, we do not take any position in predicting what is the future for this new fork as it is still too early to tell. What do you think about Bitcoin SV and the vision it has? Share your ideas in the comment section below 🙂

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