Binary Option Robot review – fully automated binary trading

The European regulator ESMA made a prohibition of binary and digital options to retail EEA traders starting from the 02.07.2018. In case you still want to trade binary options, you need to acquire the status of a professional trader on which this regulation does not apply. I recommend you have a look at the article – How to get the PRO status to continue trading Binary options

Binary options are not promoted or sold to retail EEA traders. If you are not a professional client, please leave this page.

Where to next? (If you do not meet the requirements)

Unfortunately, IQ Option robot sees to exist and to find a suitable substitute to one of the best automatic system that was out there is not an easy task. Most of the systems which are on the internet require a presence of the trader, to make the trades. But that was not the case with IQ robots and neither is the case of the binary option robot which we are about to present to you.



Binary Option Robot review

Binary option robot was launched by the end of 2014 and currently has a very decent number of followers/traders who actively trade with it. The robot itself doesn’t represent any binary brokerages, that means you can use broker of your desire, the robot is applicable on up to 10 binary brokers from the list.

Why is binary option robot different from other robots

Most of the binary robots that are out there are unfortunately a scam. And most of the time you can not know it until you try the software. This fact puts a lot of bad light on almost every binary option robot out there. But that is not true with BinaryOptionsRobot which is still able to hold onto the good reputation that it has. And do you know why? Because it does not present something it does not offer. Their offer is simple and transparent. If you don’t want to try the software, it’s okay, but some newbies who do not know how to trade binary options themselves might take advantage of it.

General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

Thing you will not find at

Testimonials from „real traders“ (which most of the scams just make up anyway“)
Guaranteed results of trades (they guarantee nothing, however, their average performances can be found continuously on the web)
No pictures or videos of what can be bought with the money you make (which are very often an attraction to new traders by many binary robots)

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Cost of the software

The software is free of charge. They also provide a VIP account which cost a monthly fee. Once you activate a VIP account you receive access to additional premium features. However I do not see a great difference in comparison to a regular account, so you might be also good just with a normal account.

Pros of the robot

  • Fully automatic robot
  • Number of brokers you can choose from (regulated and trusted brokers)
  • Level of risks
  • Adjustable assets you wish to trade
  • Free of charge
  • No download needed

Returns – results of the software

Probably every trader who tries any binary robot will be interested in the results of the software. We could state that we won 90% or 81% of the traders, but we will not do that for a simple reason. For start, most of the scams that want to charm traders into fascinating results do that. And because results of the software differ from the risks you set. There are totally 4 risk levels, the green one indicates the lowest risk and the red one the highest risk.

Our recommendation – important

In case you decide to give a try to Binary option robot please do not invest amounts which you can not afford to lose. This is a number one mistake which is very often broken even by traders who trade on their own. This software can bring you very satisfying results, however, they are not guaranteed (like most scams are) so keep that in mind when trading.

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