BDXCoin is about to be launched by BDSwiss

Popular binary and forex broker BDSwiss plans to launch a new cryptocurrency called BDXCoin. In the mid-2018 there will be an ICO, pre-ICO tokens are, however, already available at the price of 10 cents per token. In total there is 50 million tokens that one can purchase, over 5.6 million tokens are already sold out. Which means 44,4 million tokens can still be bought. BDSwiss offers a Money Back Guarantee program that states following “There is also absolutely no risk for Pre-ICO participants as BDSwiss commits to buy back all tokens or BDXcoins for their original value of 10 cents once the ICO starts mid2018.” The reason behind such an assurance is probably because when people think of ICO, they imagine a scam, which of course BDXCoin is not. Pre-Ico purchase is time-limited and people can buy it only until 31st December 2017 or until all pre-ICO tokens are sold out.



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Official website of BDXCoin:



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