Auto Crypto 247 Review – a Scam or a Robot to trust

Auto Crypto 247 is another cryptocurrency robot that should help you to make money by trading bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. How much you can really trust this software will be described in the following review.


Auto Crypto 247 promises a profit up to $465 per day with just a minimum investment of $250. But be aware, that Auto Crypto 247 is just another scam, that is very similar to Crypto Robot 365 which we have exposed just yesterday. Both of these robots come from the same operator and they look very similar. Let’s get right into the review to find out why we consider Auto Crypto 247 to be a scam

Promised profit – Never a good sign

Most scams that are out there promise you a guaranteed profit which you will get from using their genius system. Auto Crypto 247 is not anyhow different in this as they right on the homepage say that you can make up to $465 per day. But how can they guarantee that? You can never know how the market will develop. This is a first sign that it is just another get-rich-scheme, but let’s move on.

Don’t lie to me Auto Crypto 247!

The website states in their footer that “AutoСrypto247 was launched in August 2016 and has 1,000s of happy customers”. But can please someone explain to me how they managed to do that when Auto Crypto 247 website was created on the 23rd of July 2017? Because I do not get it, well I do, it is a scam on people.

Verified by Investoo, Invezz, Legal & Snipe the Trade

On their homepage, they have an information that they are verified by quite big websites that write about online trading. These websites are, however, affiliates of Auto Crypto 247 and they are willing to write anything for the right money. They should be ashamed of themselves to promote such a scam like Auto Crypto 247 is. Well, they don’t even promote Auto Crypto 247, but the second scam Crypto Robot 365, so the information on the main page of Auto Crypto 247 is basically incorrect. These affiliates also write on their websites facts that are not correct, such as that the minimum isn’t 250$ but 1 000 $, so they probably make more money when people lose more. I thought these websites are trustworthy, but after this, I don’t trust anything unless I do my own research.

Conclusion from Auto Crypto 365 Review

If you have at least some respect for your money, do not choose Auto crypto 365, it is a shameful scam. I am very disappointed to see that some webmaster are willing to promote this scam and its copy Crypto robot 365. I, however, can not recommend using Auto Crypto 365 to anyone, because if you are lucky, you would waste 250$. In case you want to learn, how to profit from cryptocurrencies, check our guides on the website, and learn how to make money on your own. With knowledge, skills and no scams.

Auto Crypto 247 Review – a Scam or a Robot to trust
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Hi, I'm Michael and my area of expertise is forex and cryptocurrency trading. I specialize in technical analysis, namely in chart pattern setups. I educate traders of all levels and I believe that prerequisite to successful active trading is always knowing risks of the game. My most current interest lays in cryptocurrencies, especially in Ethereum and in decentralized applications. I do not give investment advice, but for general inquiries please use the comment section under any article.

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