American Express Company (AXP) Stock Outlook for 2021

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The well-balanced mix in lending revenues, fees as well as spending played a significant role in the substantial profit of the American Express in 2019 as well as in years before that. The adjusted annual profit turned out at $8.30 per share. It represents a 12% jump from the previous year.

Payment results

  • Earnings

$2.03 per share vs. $ 2.01 per share forecast

  • Revenue

$ 11.365 billion vs. $ 11.36 billion expected

  • Net card fees

$ 1.08 billion vs. $ 1.5 billion street account estimate

The American express stock price shows a tendency to rise, and similar market segments were quite popular in the particular time frame. The earnings were quite phenomenal as it beat all expectations of 2019. The results depict the sustainable as well as profitable growth strategy across the organization over the long haul.

Reason for the success

The AXP added almost 11.5 new propriety cards in 2019. More than 70% of the new card members opted for the agency’s fee-based products. You can check this out to see why to get a credit card for no credit. In the end, the considerable move resulted in a fee growth of 17%.

2020 expectations

According to many financial experts, there is a bright future ahead for the AXP. In 2020, the expected profits range between $8.85 per share and $9.25 per share. Refinitiv polled an analysis of the expected earning guidance. According to their website, the AXP price will range from $8.49 and $ 9.67 per share. The company revenue is also expected to grow from 8% to 10%. Such promosining forecasts are supported by the fact that The AXP share prices surged more than 31 % over the previous twelve months. The strong performance coincides with consumer strength in spite of the economic slowdown and geopolitical tension, among other worries. The AXP stock received a boost after the china central bank announced accepting the company’s application to conduct business in the world’s 2nd largest economy.

Is AXP a good portfolio addition?

There’s a need to understand custom algorithms to see if AXP is a good fit. Various factors such as changes in volumes, changes in price, market cycles as well as similar stocks need to get factored in when carrying out a prediction. Nonetheless, when it comes to investment, you ought to be ready for any risk. You ought to get all the right information before you invest any money. It will enable you to get prepared for any outcome in the future. The AXP stock outlook is seeming brighter with each passing day, but stock trading is still very risky. In case you would want to aquire acquire a credit card, you can check out nerdwallet blog for more information.


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